How to Unlock Brinks Combination Lock

Losing your keys is a pain. But when you require emergency access to something, and you can’t find them, it’s even worse. So what do you do? First, you might want to look into unlocking the Brinks combo lock! It’s an easy-to-use device that allows quick entry without hassle or worrying about forgetting your key at home.

How to Unlock Brinks Combination Lock

Then, with just a few steps, this lock is open for business! The Brinks combination lock has been used by many people for years worldwide because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

This device will help get things done so that you won’t have to waste time looking around aimlessly while everyone else is waiting on you with questions or needs that are more important than your forgetfulness. In this blog post, we will go over how to unlock brinks combination lock.

Step to Follow on How to Unlock Brinks Combination Lock 

Step One: Identify Your Lock

Your Brinks combination lock is a tough and durable padlock that has a dial on the front. It’s made up of a cylindrical combination lock and shackle, with the shackle being what attaches to whatever it is you want to secure. There’s also a green Brinks logo on the right side. If you’ve lost the key to your padlock or don’t have one at all, follow the steps below to unlock it.

If you use too much force, the lock might break and then sit there, unable to be used. If this happens, you might need to drill it open to unlock it, but it is better to try the steps below first. The dial has numbers around it that are supposed to help you set your combination; however, when you turn the dial in one direction, it just turns back to the other direction unless you have set the combination correctly.

Step Two: Determine Which Direction the Lock Turns

The dial is supposed to turn in one direction, not both. Turn the dial until it stops, and then count how many times you turned until it stopped moving. Turn it back a bit but not as far as when it could move again. Continue turning the dial at this number of clicks until it stops again.

Write down which direction you turned from the first line of your combination and how many times you turned from the second line. You can now unlock your lock by following the directions of each line you wrote down, using even numbers for the first and odd numbers for the second.

Step Three: Unlocking Your Brinks Combination Lock

To open your lock, turn the dial in both directions until you reach your first number and then go to that number on the other side. Next, turn it in one direction until you reach your second number on one side and then go to that number on the other side.

Continue doing this until both numbers are the same, which means you have unlocked your padlock. You can now open the lock by turning it counter-clockwise to open it. Next, turn clockwise to re-lock the shackle and secure whatever you used this lock on again. If none of this works for you, your Brinks combination lock probably needs to be drilled open.

Step Four: Drilling Your Brinks Combination Lock

If you drill your padlock, which means that you drill through the combination lock and shackle to make it easy to open, be careful. The more force you use for drilling, the more likely it is that something will break or get stuck inside of your lock. Drill at an angle from the side of the lock so that you can see inside of it as you drill.

Drill the Padlock

You will have to drill all around the dial on the front and then some more from the back. Once your padlock is drilled, use a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to push open one end of your shackle and then pull out any pieces of metal or plastic stuck inside your lock. You can now re-lock your Brinks combination padlock by turning the dial in the opposite direction until it locks again.

Step Five: Using a Screwdriver

If you do not want to drill your padlock, you can also use a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to push open one end of your shackle and then pull out any pieces of metal or plastic stuck inside your lock.

You can now re-lock your Brinks combination padlock by turning the dial in the opposite direction until it locks again. Remember that by doing this, your lock might not close correctly anymore. If you are worried about it being secure enough, drill the lock immediately.

Step Six: Enjoying Your New Brinks Combination Lock

Enjoy your new Brinks combination padlock by setting it with your old combination again or by opening the lock, removing the dial, and then putting a new one in. You can also put other items inside of it to keep them secure, such as keys.

Put the other end under your doormat or in the dirt outside of your door to hide it. Now that you have read this article, you know how to unlock brinks combination lock! Enjoy your new appliance.

How Do You Crack a Brinks 4 Digit Lock?

Brinks locks are a series of high-quality dial pad combination locks. The number combination dials are usually set to 0000 as the factory default. Unfortunately, there is often no recourse but to drill the lock and replace it with a new one for those who have lost or forgotten their combinations. It’s important to know that drilling a hole in a Brinks lock will void its warranty.

Dial Pad Combination Locks

Brinks locks are made of high-quality metal that must be drilled through to break the inner tumblers and allow the lock to open. If you have forgotten your combination, you can drill a hole with common tools. The smallest standard power drill bit size is 3/32″. It takes patience and time to drill through metal, so prepare to spend at least 20 minutes drilling the lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Brinks Lock Open?

If your Brinks lock is not opening, a few things could be causing the issue. The first thing to check is if there is any dirt or debris inside the keyhole and on the lock shaft. If no debris is present, you will need to take apart the locking mechanism to figure out what’s wrong with it.

The next step would be checking for any visible damage on the lock itself, such as dents or cracks in its metal parts. Finally, if all else fails, you may have to replace your Brinks lock altogether because something has broken inside of it and needs replacing.

Can You Bypass a Brinks Combination Lock?

Yes, you can bypass a Brinks combination lock by taking the back off of it. The best way to bypass a Brinks combination lock is to remove the back panel and use a thin metal strip or thin piece of wire to pull out the pin.

Use a Thin Metal Strip

If you cannot take the back off of your door, then make sure that there is enough space between the bottom frame and ground for your wire or thin metal strip. Also, make sure that your wire or thin metal strip has enough length so that it reaches through the bottom frame and into the ground before inserting it into the keyhole.

Can You Break a 4 Digit Bike Lock?

This is a tough question because it depends on the type of lock. The most common bike locks are padlocks and U-locks, which can be broken by using bolt cutters or a hacksaw. Some high-security locks are difficult to break without specialized tools like a drill, angle grinder, or Sawzall.

Is There Any Master Code that Has Brinks Combination Lock?

No, no master code has a Brinks combination lock. The only code available for the Brinks combination lock is a five-digit number that you can enter manually to open it.

Brinks combination lock


After considering the different types of locks, Brinks offers, it’s easy to see why this company is so successful. Whether you’re looking for a lock with security at its heart or one that has some style and convenience features built-in, there are options available from Brinks.

They offer everything from basic keypad locks to fingerprint-secured models, and an industry-leading warranty backs all! So when choosing a new lock for your home, look no further than the lineup of products offered by Brinks. In this blog, we’ve laid out a few tips on how to unlock brinks combination lock.

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