How to Unlock Whirlpool Duet Washer Control Lock


A whirlpool duet washer is a front-loading washing machine with a control lock feature. This feature prevents unauthorized users from starting or stopping the engine. However, if you forget to unlock the control lock before leaving your home, the machine will continue to run and may overflow. This article will discuss how to unlock the Whirlpool duet washer control lock. So let us get started.

How to Unlock Whirlpool Duet Washer Control Lock

A Detailed Stepwsie Guide on How to Unlock Whirlpool Duet Washer Control Lock

To unlock the control lock on a whirlpool duet washer, you must enter a unique code. The code is usually “000000,” but it may differ on your machine. To find out the code for your device, consult the owner’s manual or look for a sticker on the washer that lists the code. Once you have entered the correct code, the control will unlock, and you can access the settings inside.

  1. Look for a sticker on your washer that has the code listed on it. This is your best bet since whirlpool has generally used “000000” as their default code. You may also look for the manual in the whirlpool duet box or consult whirlpool direct to find out this code.
  2. If you cannot find anything with the code, try “123456”. Whirlpool duets have been known to use this code, but it may not work on all machines. You can also try any other 5-digit number that you think may work, though this method is not guaranteed to work so quickly.
  3. Try connecting a different appliance to the washer. If it works, try turning on the washer using the new device. This will unlock your washer because someone is present in the house who can use it legally.
  4. Call whirlpool if all else fails, and they will tell you how to unlock your machine; also, ask them for advice since they may be able to reset this for you remotely.
  5. If none of these options work, you may have a broken control panel or call a professional repairperson. If any water has leaked inside the unit, do not turn anything on until it has dried out entirely with power disconnected; any moisture left inside could cause an electrical short, which would lead to more significant damage than just locking the washer.

The above steps provide a general guide on unlocking a whirlpool duet washer control panel. If these instructions do not work for your machine or you have any other questions, please consult your owner’s manual or contact whirlpool directly. They should help you out with more specific information and troubleshooting tips.

Washer Control Panel

Precautions While Unlocking the Whirlpool Duet Washer Control Lock

  1. Before you start, unplug the washer from the outlet. Wait for a minimum of 5 minutes before starting this procedure to prevent any electric shocks during the process of unlocking.
  2. Disconnect power until the device is turned off completely. This step is essential because novice users who forget this might turn on current while working on it and thus resulting in severe electric shock, which can harm or kill you. So please disconnect the main supply if your machine has an electric power cord/source plug running into it before doing anything with the control panel of the Whirlpool Duet Washer.
  3. Do not press buttons to set wash cycle etc when the machine is ON/OFF as you could damage components inside, so avoid all problems by simply following this simple rule of disconnecting the appliance from the mains supply before attempting to unlock anything inside the control panel.
  4. Avoid losing small parts as they might fall inside and seal some electrical components inside door assembly permanently, leading to permanent damage or your washer machine not working at all depending on where lost pieces lie and what is around them. So be careful and find them quickly with flashlights if dropped during this article explains.
  5. If you are not confident about opening Whirlpool Duet Washer door using these instructions, then please call washer repair company as they would charge you less than $50 for the service call (depends on your location) as most likely some plastic clips or slides that hold inner door onto outer shell will break when you try to open the machine without following these instructions EXACTLY as written.
  6. If you are not handy at all and do not feel comfortable doing this procedure yourself, please call a technician or your local repair shop and have them do it for you, which will most likely cost around $75-100 (again, depending on where you live).
  7. Once the door is open, visually inspect the gasket/seal around the door opening for any signs of wear or damage and replace if necessary. Also, check screws around the perimeter of the door opening and make sure they are tight. If they are not, tighten them using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  8. Finally, close the door, plug in the washer to the outlet, and turn it ON. Select desired cycle and press the Start/Pause button to start water filling, and once it gets filled to a certain level, the machine will automatically go into the wash cycle.
Using a Phillips Head Screwdriver

Benefits of Using a Whirlpool Duet Washer

Although some people may question what is so great about Whirlpool Duet Washers, here are the top benefits.

1. One of the main reasons Whirlpool Duet Washers are counted among the most sold models in America is because these washer and dryer set easily fit within small spaces, which reduces installation costs significantly. You won’t have to worry about setting aside a vast area to accommodate these washers and dryers.

You can place them even if space is tight. Aside from this benefit, they also save more energy than standard washers and dryers – making it very eco-friendly at the same time! Check out this site to know where you can recycle your old appliance.

2. Another great benefit of owning a Whirlpool Duet Washer is that it boasts automatic load-sensing technology. This particular technology ensures that the washer only uses the exact amount of water and energy required for the size and weight of the load being washed – something that standard washers cannot do.

3. Duet Washers also come with various wash cycles, so you can choose the perfect one depending on the type of fabric or laundry you’re trying to clean. The number of options can be a little overwhelming for some people, but it’s a good thing to have because you’ll never have to worry about not finding the proper cycle for your clothes again.

4. These washers also come with a sanitary cycle, an extra wash you can use when it’s time to clean your clothes. It also comes with the capability to automatically vary the water level for this particular cycle depending on the load size. This means that it uses less water during this cycle than other washing cycles.

Top Benefits

5. Whirlpool Duet Washers come with an advanced control panel as well as a memory feature, which allows you to save custom settings and programs – making it easy for even first-time users to master these machines in no time!

Disadvantages of Using a Whirlpool Duet Washer

There are some disadvantages of using a Whirlpool Duet washer. One is that the washer may be challenging to operate. There is also a control lock preventing the washer from being run. This lock can be activated if someone tries to tamper with the settings on the machine. To unlock the control lock, you must enter a unique code.


I hope this article has offered all the necessary instructions on how to unlock Whirlpool duet washer control lock. Ensure all the precautions while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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