How to Use a Generator in an Apartment

If you’re a renter and trying to save money by living in an apartment, then this blog post is for you. As a renter, it’s important to be conscious of the monthly utility bills that will come your way. This often means finding ways on how to use a generator in an apartment. One easy way is using a generator when necessary- either if there are power outages or simply when you want to run something more than usual on the electricity grid at home. Read on for helpful tips!

How to Use a Generator in an Apartment

Reasons to Use a Generator in an Apartment

Saving money and getting the convenience of electricity is what you can get by using a generator in your apartment. Power outages happen more frequently than before, which means that it’s always better to be prepared ahead of time. Here are some reasons you might need to use a generator: During impending power outages due to natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes.

You can simply just switch on your generator and start using electricity as usual, even during power outages. During blackouts of the city’s electrical grid- if you’re living in an apartment, then there will usually be a blackout or brownout at least once a month. Power outages scare people, but fortunately, we now have solutions on how to use a generator in an apartment.

What Can You Do with a Generator

There are numerous things you can do during blackouts and power outages. You can keep your basic appliances such as refrigerator, lights, television, radio, and computer running even without the electrical grid’s supply of current. By using a generator, you’re able to keep your perishable foods fresh and avoid having to throw them away. You’ll also never miss out on the news again with a generator because you can still listen to the radio or watch television.

Keep Your Appliances Running

Maintenance of Generator

Despite all the convenience a generator brings you, there’s something else it entails- regular maintenance. Even though it’s usually very convenient to use a generator, there are still times when you have no choice but to let the power go out. However, if you regularly maintain your generator, it won’t be a problem in an outage. The maintenance will ensure that your generator is always up and running, so when the time comes when it needs to kick in, it will work properly.

Methods on How to Use a Generator in an Apartment

1.  Converting Your Traditional Generators to Work on an Apartment Power Grid

First, you must be certain if your apartment is already equipped with the necessary wiring to convert traditional generators into usable electricity efficiently. Check first with your owner or building manager about this matter. Next, you’ll need to understand some things which will allow you to know how to use a generator in an apartment.

Converting Your Generator

2.  Understanding Your Apartment’s Electricity Grid

Before measuring the apartment for its electrical power, you must first know if it uses single-phase or three-phase electricity. After knowing this information, then you can use a voltmeter to check your building’s voltage so that there will be no need to worry about damaging the generator. If you have a traditional three-phase generator, then it will require heavy-duty wiring that can run from your apartment’s main breaker panel all the way to the building’s exterior wall.

3.  Installation of the Generator

The process depends on which type you have. If your apartment uses single-phase electricity, it will just require the installation of a double-pole breaker to supply power to its main panel.

4.  Powering Up the Generator

When using a generator in an apartment, you must ensure that the power source comes from a portable gasoline-powered unit. You can also check if it has wheels so that you can move it around easily. The best thing about it is that there are generators now which are light enough for one person to carry them.

5.  Understanding the Need for Safety

First things first, you need to install the generator and then power it up properly. It has a load capacity that must never be exceeded. Doing so can result in damage to both the apartment and its generator. You must ensure that all electrical connections and cords are correctly installed and grounded well enough to avoid electrical shock and fire hazards.

6.  Operating Your Generator During a Power Outage

When operating your generator, make sure to run it for only one hour at a time with the use of an automatic transfer switch. This is important in order to prevent overheating and damage to parts.

7.  Proper Maintenance of the Generator

As much as possible, you must take care of your generator by doing regular checks on it. Remove dirt and debris, especially from the engine compartment. You also have to make sure that no part is loose or worn out before operating this equipment. Always carry out what you need to do to properly maintain your generator and operate it in a safe and effective manner.

This article talks about different methods on how to use a generator in an apartment. It starts with the basics of knowing if your apartment can utilize traditional generators then goes into the steps that you need to follow when doing so. Safety and the maintenance of your generator are also things that you have to take into account. Try following the steps found in this article, and you’ll soon find out how to operate a generator in an apartment smoothly.

Instruction on How to Use a Generator in an Apartment

-Select a generator that will suit the power capacity of your home.

-Consider the installation and wiring needed to make your generator work in your apartment.

-Ensure that your generator is installed correctly and grounded for safety purposes.

-Learn how to operate it efficiently using an automatic transfer switch when you want to use it during a power outage.

-Follow proper maintenance techniques for your generator to keep it in good shape.

-Know the proper way to use your generator in order to avoid accidents while working on it.

-Follow all of these steps diligently for you to utilize a generator in an apartment properly.

Tips and Warnings


  • Check with your owner or building manager about electrical specifications.
  • Your apartment must have the necessary wiring for this to work.
  • Let the generator cool down before refueling it.
  • Always check the engine compartment before starting it.
  • Check for loose parts on your generator every now and then.


  • Never exceed load capacities of generators when using them in an apartment unit.
  • Keep yourself, other people, and pets safe by avoiding electrical shock and fire hazards.
  • Don’t forget to properly ground it before using it.
  • Always make sure that you follow safety procedures when using a generator in an apartment.
  • Always do a regular check on your generator in order to maintain it properly.
  • Never use a generator without following proper instructions.
  • Never overload the generator’s outlets and circuits connected to it.
Never Overload the Generator's

– When transporting a portable gasoline-powered unit, always avoid tipping over the unit while you’re doing so.

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Here are a few things on how to use a generator in an apartment. First, be sure that it is safe and legal for the location where you plan on using your generator, as well as other tenants or residents of your building, if applicable. You should also make sure there is easy access to fuel supplies such as propane tanks since electricity may be limited from time to time during power outages.

Finally, always check with management about any restrictions they have against generators before installing one. If your landlord has no objections, then go ahead and purchase a portable electric generator! It is indeed a great thing to have, especially during emergencies. Luckily, there are so many different generators that you can choose from depending on your specific situation. You can check out websites online, and you’ll surely find a generator that will suit your needs.

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