How to Use Apartment Gate Codes


Apartment gate codes are a security measure used to prevent unauthorized access to an apartment complex. Apartment complexes have many gate codes, but the most common type has four digits. This code consists of two numbers set by the property owner or manager and then two numbers that are randomly generated each time the code is entered.

The first two digits must be between 000-199, while the last two can be any number in this range. The goal of apartment gate codes is to make it difficult for intruders who may know how an individual’s PIN works to gain entry into their home without permission. In this article, I will discuss how to use apartment gate codes. So let us get started.

How to Use Apartment Gate Codes

Advantages of Using Apartment Gate Codes

There are several benefits of using apartment gate codes. Here are some examples:

1) If you forget your key, the code will solve your problem because you can enter the code and find yourself in front of your door.

2) Using Apartment Gate Codes is more convenient than having a key. For example, children do not know where their parents hide their apartment keys, which may result in panic and frustration for any parent who has lost their key. Therefore, using our Apartment Gate Code service, you can quickly get around this issue since anyone with access to an internet connection can use the codes.

3) Since Apartment Gate Codes are virtual, they cannot be misplaced or forgotten somewhere else, like when someone leaves their key at home when they go on a trip.

4) Gate codes make it possible for us to monitor who is coming in and out of our building, providing extra security and peace of mind.

Codes Is Convenient

5) Lastly, gate codes are just plain convenient! No more fumbling around in your pockets or handbag looking for your apartment key when you’re in a hurry.

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How to Use Apartment Gate Codes

Most of the apartments in the United States use a gate code to allow access to the building and residents. If you are a new resident or have recently changed your gate code, it is essential to know how to use it properly. Here is a detailed stepwise guide on how to use apartment gate codes:

1. Look for the gate code box near the apartment complex entrance. This box will usually be black or silver and have a keypad on it.

2. Enter your gate code into the keypad. Be sure to enter it correctly, as this will be the only way to get into the complex.

3. you have entered your gate code; wait for the gate to open. If it does not open after a few seconds, try again.

4. Once the gate has opened, drive or walk through it. Be sure to close the gate behind you, which will keep unauthorized people from entering the complex.

Use a Gate Code

5. Repeat these steps every time you want to enter the complex. Remember always to use your gate code, as there is no other way to get in!

Different Types of Apartment Gate Codes

1) 5 Digit Codes – 5 digit codes are also known as a “Key Code” or “Gate Code.” These are usually given to you by the apartment complex’s management company, each digit of the code represents a different color on the keypad. To open your gate with one of these codes, enter your code and hit the green call button on the keypad. To close your gate after entering this type of apartment gate code, again enter the code and press the green button once more.

Call Button on the Keypad

Most often, there is no GREEN lit on the keypad when you are trying to open/close the gate, so look for any COLORED buttons that might be lit up instead (most likely yellow or red) *Note*: Some ten-digit access codes could look exactly like a five-digit code, but because there are ten digits rather than 5, the first and last number of your code will be different (see the picture to the left).

I would recommend that you treat all ten-digit access codes as entirely separate from other types of gate codes. If you try eight-digit codes & receive an error message, I recommend trying both first and last numbers as either single or double digits (not sure why it makes a difference). My complex’s original password was eight digits, but when we added cameras, they changed our password to a ten-digit one, which works better for security reasons.

Handling “5 Digit Codes”

When Requesting a New Set of “5 Digit Codes” From the Apartment Complex Office :

  • Make sure to write down your current codes and keep them someplace safe if you forget them.
  • Keep reminding the leasing office that they need to send new codes via email or text message (whichever is most convenient for you) because you arrive home from work one day. None of your five-digit codes work. This is a straightforward way to get back into your own home without having to wait for someone else to let you in.
  • If anything EVER changes about the type of code required to open/close your garage gate – be it a change in several digits or colors or any other detail – make sure the management company has changed all of this information correctly.

2) 7 Digit Apartment Gate Codes – With a seven-digit apartment gate code, each number must be entered as a single-digit & usually, there is an additional step to get into these types of complexes. To open your garage door with this type of access code, you have to hit the RED button on the keypad first and then enter your password. To close, you will need to press the GREEN button and enter your password (if any lights are lit up other than green when trying to enter code, make sure only the GREEN light is lit while entering in numbers).

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Change Apartment Gate Codes?

If you would like to change or modify your apartment’s gate code, *three + Your Old Code# and then press # when prompted with “Are you sure? Enter new code.” Follow this up with *2 + New Code# and then save by hitting # again. This has now saved your new gate code! You can also enter this code on the keypad at the gate.

Saved Your New Gate Code

If you have forgotten your gate code, you can reset it by following these steps: *3 + Your Old Code# and then press # when prompted with “Are you sure? Enter new code.” This will have reset your old code. You can now enter a new regulation by following *2 + New Code# and then save by hitting # again.

Are Apartment Gate Codes Risk-Free?

For the most part, using an apartment gate code is a safe way to access your community. Many people worry that someone could steal their code and use it without permission, but these codes are generally designed only to be used once. This will prevent the original resident from constantly changing their entry code. It also means that anyone who is found trying to enter with an incorrect code multiple times will raise suspicion.

If two residents have similar codes, this is not necessarily dangerous either. If both codes follow basic security protocols (four or five digits, letters combined with numbers), then there is no possibility of them being alike at all. Even if they were precisely the same (which has never happened by accident), one number or letter would usually be different, preventing access.


I hope you have obtained all the necessary information on how to use apartment gate codes. Also, ensure all the precautions while using them. Thank you and have a nice day!

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