How to Use Coal Stove

Coal is an important resource in most households, so it’s only natural that people want to know how to use coal stoves. Coal stoves are fairly simple devices, but they require a little more information than just throwing some coal into the stove and turning it on.

How to Use Coal Stove

This blog post will introduce you to everything you need to know about using coal stoves for your home. Coal is a combustible rock that releases heat when burned. The heat can be used directly or turned into other forms of energy such as electricity or steam power by using a boiler system.

Coal has been used throughout history because it burns longer and hotter than wood while producing less smoke and ash than firewood does. It was widely used during the Industrial Revolution as a fuel for boilers and other machinery, and it is still used to generate power.

6 Steps to Follow on How to Use Coal Stove

Step One: Clean Your Coal Stove

The first thing you should do to use a coal stove is to clean it. Cleaning the coal stove ensures that it will start cooking well and quickly. It also helps prevent soot build-up inside your house, which can cause health problems for people with asthma or allergies. The soot-removal process is simple.

Just place the grating over a large bucket, scoop two scoops of ash into the grind, and then discard the ash in an outdoor trash receptacle. The ash is very cold when you remove it, so make sure to use gloves.

Step Two: Prepare Your Coal Stove for Cooking

After you have finished cleaning your coal stove, the next thing you should do before cooking on a coal stove is to check if your tools are adequate. For example, the bread won’t toast without a broiling pan. Likewise, hamburgers won’t cook on a coal stove without a gripper.

Prepare Your Coal Stove for Cooking

A coal stove may take some time to get used to, and if your tools aren’t compatible with the stove, it can make cooking much harder. If you can’t find an appropriate tool for your coal stove, the next best thing is to use pieces of metal that will grab the coal and manage to hold it in place while you cook.

Step Three: Prepare Your Coal Fire

Once everything is set up, the next thing to do is prepare your fire. First lightfast, light a small piece of paper and put it underneath the grating, away from the door. Once you see that your paper is lit, blow hard on it to get the fire going. Once you have a nice flame going, add more pieces of paper until you have several lit pieces.

Then add two or three small pieces of coal and close the door to let it cook for a few seconds. Next, open your door and add a few large pieces of coal, which will help keep the fire going for a while.

Step Four: Test Your Coal Fire

Once you have built up a good fire, the next thing to do is test your coal stove to make sure it is cooking well. If you notice that smoke is coming out onto your pan, simply open the door and add a piece or two of coal to the fire. This should solve the problem. Keep an eye on your stove and adjust as needed until you see no smoke coming out onto your pan, or very little if any is visible.

You should let your coal stove run for an hour or more before deciding if you like the way it is cooking. This applies to both first-time users and experienced users who are testing a new stove. Once you have determined that things look good, you can begin cooking.

Step Five:  Cooking on Your Coal Stove

Now that you have your coal stove cooking well, it is time to begin preparing food. The most common dishes cooked on a coal stove are simple foods like toast, frying eggs, and boiling water for tea. You can also cook pancakes or other foods in pans if you prefer; however, it is best to use smaller pans than what you would use on a gas stove.

Cooking on Your Coal Stove

The ideal food to cook on a coal stove is foods that require high heat but not too much oil or fat. You also want to make sure the food will take no more than 15-20 minutes to cook, including preparation time. Foods like plain fried eggs are favorites for many people who use coal stoves. If you want to find out more about how to use coal stoves, keep reading.

Step Six: Adjusting the Fire

As you use your coal stove, it is essential to adjust the fire. If you are cooking something that requires high heat, you must keep this up by adjusting your fire. If you are cooking something low-heat or simmering, be careful not to smother too much of the fire.

If there is too much coal, the fire will smother itself, and you won’t have enough heat to cook. Trial and error are your best teachers here. So keep an eye on how your food is cooking, make small adjustments as needed, and enjoy your new coal stove!

Will Coal Burn All Night?

Coal stoves and fireplaces will not burn all night unless you start them. If they are burning, make sure the damper is open, so there is good airflow. Without proper airflow, the fire goes out. Letting it go out does not hurt the stove or fireplace, as long as you’re careful with how much coal you started with.

As long as there is still some burning ember in the stove or fireplace, it will keep smoking without airflow. Keep this in mind for important nighttime fires that you need to keep burning, like overnight cooking.


Your coal stove will provide a cozy, warm atmosphere with the flick of a switch. However, when it comes to your home’s heating system, you have many options available for keeping things comfortable and cozy year-round. If you consider installing or upgrading your current system, this blog post has been designed to help.

In the end, we also offer some practical tips on how to use coal stoves so that they work most effectively in your home environment. Now that you have read the article, your house will be warm and cozy all winter long!

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