How to Wash a Body Pillow Cover?

Indeed the creating of body pillows have gone a long way in sleeping a lot of people sleep well. Most were designed to provide support and comfort while we sleep by supporting our neck, head, legs and arms while also being in a good position that does not cause any discomfort or any damage in our spines. It lets attain a beneficial alignment, giving us support and pressure relief.

how to wash a body pillow cover

The use of Body pillows has benefited us so well in so many ways along the years. It has been of great importance to pregnant women hence very commonly known as pregnancy pillows. Its versatility in being able to change the height and thickness has been perfect for expecting moms that needed to adapt as their babies and their bodies changed. However, the using of a body pillow daily to get that perfect sleep will require a constant maintain of cleanness. So the question of how to wash a body pillow cover springs to mind. Well below are ways to help you in washing a body pillow:

  • Water Temperature: The temperature in which you wash your body pillow is very important. Washing your body pillow in a machine or hand washing should go according to a good water temperature. Use warm or cold water, but never hot as hot water might ruin your pillow, making it lumpy or causing it to fall apart.
  • Wash body pillows alone: It is highly recommend to wash your body pillows alone and not along with any other clothing’s, material or fabric. This is an essential step especially on how to clean a fuzzy body pillow. Do not put any other laundry or pillows in the washer with the body pillow as it is large and needs all the space it can get.
  • The Right Detergent: Not any detergent can be used in the washing of a body pillow. You must not choice a detergent that contains chlorine or bleach. Instead, use a single cap-full of gentle detergent and right for the fabric or material of your body pillow.
  • Tumble Dry: Never use high heat when drying a body pillow. Make use of a lower setting or just tumble dry. To help keep the inner stuffing fluffy, you can put two or three tennis balls in the dryer as well. As they roll around, they will pound against the material and help it to maintain its structure.
  • Fluff Pillow: When pillow is completely dry, fluff it manually to bring back its bounce and structure. As always advised, to avoid getting your body pillow dirty use a pillow cover.

Aside the steps mentioned above, there are other ways on how to clean a body pillow aside washing it. If you don’t want the pillow machine washed and if there is just a small stain that you did like to get raid off then you can always spot clean it by hand. Spot cleaning is the use of a mild detergent and a damp rag to rub out any stains or dirt directly from your body pillow then leaving it out in the open to air-dry.

 Use of Body Pillows  Has Benefited

It is also to know that, how to wash body pillows depends highly on the material used in the marking of the body pillow. You might find out that there are some soap spots left after the pillow dries. When this happens you can use a clean, damp cloth to pat the spot thoroughly. Normally this may take a couple tries before the spot finally disappears, so repeat if necessary. When dry, fluff the pillow manually and place a clean pillowcase over it to prevent if from getting dirty again.

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