How to Wire a Doorbell From a Light Switch

If you want to wire a doorbell from a light switch, then this article is for you. In the first step, find the circuit breaker that supplies power to your front porch and turn off the main breaker. Next, remove the cover plate from the receptacle on your wall where you want to install your new chime box.

How to Wire a Doorbell From a Light Switch

Remove any screws holding in wires or connections inside it with a screwdriver before pulling them out through their connection points. Then insert a single-gang metal electrical box into place with two screws once all wires are removed and connect the wiring as needed using an electrician’s tape measure and insulated wire nuts. In this article, we’ll explore how to wire a doorbell from a light switch.

Step to Follow on How to Wire a Doorbell From a Light Switch

Step One: Find the Doorbell’s Hot Wire

First, you need to find the wire that is hot with electricity. This wire is typically black, but it can be any color, depending on what brand of doorbell you have. If your doorbell has a light, then this wire will be for power coming into the doorbell itself. It should be easy to find because of how thick it is.

Step Two: Find the Neutral Wire for Your Light Switch

If your doorbell doesn’t have a light built-in, you will need to find and connect to the neutral wire from your light switch. Go into the house’s switch box and follow your hot wires to the switch that controls the circuit that has power for your doorbell. This wire should be white and thin like other neutral wires in the switch box.

Step Three: Wire the Doorbell to the Light Switch

Take the black wire from your doorbell and connect it to one of your hot wires in your switch box. Next, take a length of exposed copper wire that is about an inch longer than you need. Connect one end of this exposed copper wire to the other side of the doorbell’s cable. Finally, attach the other end to one of the switch box’s hot wires.

Step Four: Wire the Neutral Wire

Take the white/neutral wire from your switch box and attach it to one of the neutral wires coming in from outside. Your doorbell should now ring every time you flip on your switch for this light! If it doesn’t, try rewiring everything and ensuring no bare copper is touching any other wires or metal parts.

Step Five: Hide Your Wires

Make sure to cap off the black wire from your doorbell and hide it behind something in your house if you don’t want to see it. If you’re going to turn your doorbell on and off, you can attach a switch to your hot wire before it goes into the light switch box. Make sure that any exposed copper is capped off with electrical tape or wire nuts.

Step Six: Test Your Doorbell

Turn your light on, and your doorbell should ring. If it doesn’t, double-check that its wire is hot with electricity and you followed all the instructions exactly. If you don’t hear it ringing, make sure your hot wire is connected to the doorbell’s side of the connection and not the neutral/ground side.

Step Seven: Mount the Doorbell

If your doorbell has a mounting face, attach it to where you want it to go. If this is a wireless model, take out the batteries and place them back in, as well as any other steps needed for hooking up the doorbell. Congratulations, you’re now ready to test your new doorbell!

Test Your New Doorbell!

Step Eight: Enjoy Your Doorbell!

When the doorbell rings, you will be able to turn on your light and see who is at the door. If it doesn’t ring, double-check that your batteries are working or that it’s plugged in. You should also check that nothing has come loose when installing it onto its mounting face or putting in new batteries.

Step Nine: Keep on Working

Now that you’ve finished this project feel free to add new wires and switches into the mix to get your doorbell ringing in more than one place. If you’re not sure how to do this, look at all the other tutorials on Home DZine and see if you can find a better fit for your project. If you want to learn more about how to wire a doorbell from a light switch, keep reading.

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Does a Doorbell Need Its Circuit?

Yes, if you plan to use more than one doorbell. A single button wired in series with the light switch is only suitable for a single doorbell. You can wire multiple buttons in parallel or another independent circuit, but you can’t combine multiple buttons into one circuit. The door chime will sound continuous if wired incorrectly.

The light switch or whatever appliance it’s connected to won’t work. If your house is equipped with an electrical security system, you could inadvertently set it off. For example, if you wire a doorbell on its circuit, it will continue to ring even if the light switch is off. If that happens, turn the light switch on before answering or turning off your alarm system.

Do I Need to Turn Off Power to Install Ring Doorbell?

You do not need to turn off the power to your home or business to install a Ring doorbell, but you will need access to an electrical outlet and a working light switch. Please review this article for more information before you begin.

Just because you don’t need to turn off the power does not necessarily mean you should not turn it off. For example, a ring doorbell cannot be installed if power is on to both the light switch and the electrical outlet it will be using, so turning the power off at that switch is a must for this particular job.


You can wire a doorbell from your light switch, but you will need to make sure the wiring in your home is up to code. This way, when someone rings at your front door or presses their wireless button, they won’t have to wait for the bell sound to know that someone’s at the door.

Suppose someone needs access immediately and doesn’t hear anything coming from inside. In that case, it could be an emergency where seconds count like any other building security system. after reading this blog, you should know how to wire a doorbell from a light switch.

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