How To Flush Hydroponic System?

There are lot of cases being reported about dangerous cash crops in the market now. A lot of companies now are all in for money than the health of consumers. The evidence of harmful vegetables and fruits being produced and sold in the market are overwhelming. Plastic rice, unhealthy fertilizers injected in to tomatoes, mangoes and bananas to fasten ripeness among others are the daily dangers we now face in everyday farming products, sold to us in our local markets. Due to this event, the thought of growing one’s own crops in a private owned garden or farm is the solution, in not only staying health, but also preventing an early death.

Hydroponic Flushing

Starting a personal garden, will sure bring up a lot of questions especially on how to grow plants in a controlled environment and still grow it perfectly. A good way of growing plants or crops in a farm or small garden is by the use of Hydroponic Flushing. Hydroponic is a method of the growing of plants in a nutrient rich and water based solution. Soil is not used in the growing of plants in Hydroponics but instead the root system is supported by the use of inert medium like vermiculite, clay pellets, and perlite. The main reason for hydroponics is to allow the roots of plants to have direct contact with nutrient solution and also gain oxygen which are basic needs for the growth of a plant. However, that being said flushing in an hydroponic garden is an important step in the growing of plants.

The question of how to flush hydroponic system is important for the growth of your plants, as the use of every day fertilizers and additives build up minerals in the medium of the plants. When Plants take in virtual elements needed for growth it mostly leaves minerals in terms of salts in the medium. These minerals in a long run can destroy a whole farm of plants or garden by making the plant undelicious or bad tasting fruit. The flushing technique, entails in the use of two different types. The medium flushing and flushing of plants It selves. Medium flushing is done two different times during the cycle of a plant.

Flushing is Done

First one is done when they are signs of toxicity or plant nutrient deficiencies. Once a farm or garden is having potential nutrient deficiency but is always feed with a good rounded fertilizer the tendency of a mineral buildup is high and a flush of the medium is required. Second medium flushing is done during the blooming stage of the plant or the during the change of fertilizer regimen. This helps remove unwanted minerals that the plant will not be needing in the next stage of growth. Between the two stages, it is highly recommended to perform the flushing of medium during the transition from vegetative to blooming stage. To perform a flush in the medium a solution is poured in the medium which in tend extract excess minerals from the medium. Flushing products are mostly used in this stage. A General hydroponics flush can be bought from any agriculture products selling shop and used to flush mediums.

The constant use of fertilizers, catalysts and additives during a cycle can make their way into the plant tissue and go in length to damage its smell and flavor. When this happens, that is when you will need to do a plant flush. Again, the purchase of a flushing product such as the general hydroponics flush is recommended in flushing the plant. Since there are so many flushing products it is highly advisable to follow closely the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it in the flushing of plants.

The main reason of Hydroponic Flushing is to grow one’s own healthy crops or plant for food. However, if the farmer or gardener does not know how to flush or do not do it properly, he or she may just be doing the same thing they wanted to avoid.

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