5 Materials To Consider For Your Garage Door

A garage has become more than just a safe spot for your car. For most families in the country, a garage is also a storeroom, a small workstation and even a place to play around for kids. In my opinion, the door is the crown jewel of a garage. It adorns the front of your house and brings the whole design together. Modern-day garage doors are much more advanced regarding safety and aesthetics. They also come with a world of options- swing out, swing up, roll up or even sliding ones. Your setting decided the type you choose for your home. One of the most important questions when buying a garage door is, which material best suits your home and your needs. In this article, I have summed up the basic pros and cons of the commonly used garage door materials.

Materials To Consider For Your Garage Door


Wood is the classic material for garage doors. A classic wooden garage door has always been a thing of beauty. However, wooden garage doors can get quite expensive depending on the wood you choose and the level of customization you demand. There is hope, however. You can still have the classic look of wood but pay much less for it. There is a wide variety of wood composites on offer in the market. Take some time to find the perfect one for yourself.

Wood Is the Classic Material  for  Garage  Doors


Possibly the most popular material used for garage doors in Brisbane, steel is reasonably priced, durable and does not require too much maintenance. The style is highly customizable and can come in many textures; it can also be painted in any color you would like. Steel, however, is a very poor insulator and is the worst in noise cancellation and insulation. Most steel doors are very thin and can have irreversible damage done to them very easily.  Even a hard kick of a football can dent the surface. If you opt for a steel door, I would suggest you go for a heavier option.


Aluminum is one of the lightest material used in modern garage doors, and they work extremely well when used for wide double doors. Aluminum doors are laminated, and thus they are dent resistant. Another great thing about aluminum is it customizable to a great degree. You can even make it look like wood if you want to. However, it wouldn’t look as good as the real thing.

Aluminum Is One of the Lightest  Material  Used in Modern  Garage Doors


The newest material to hit the garage door market is fiberglass. Fiberglass is highly customizable and can mimic many different materials. You can even make your garage door partially transparent to let the sun into your garage. Fiberglass garage doors are very economic and open up the option of heavy customization for you. The only limitation fiberglass has is that it breaks in cold environments.

Your garage door could make or break the look of your home. Take your time when choosing the perfect garage door for your home.

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