Modern Fan: Top Reasons to Install it in Your Home

The scorching summer heat makes you want to stay inside all day and set the air-conditioner into a full-blast, frosting cold. Or you can just imagine yourself chilling in the pool with an ice-cold milkshake. But reading these options makes you want to shake your head. They’re just too expensive for people who want to live the economical way. You simply can’t do that everyday of the entire summer. This post provides some practical tips related to it though.

Modern Fan: Top Reasons to Install it in Your Home

It seems that the easiest option to chill this summer is to, yes—stay inside your home. Make some cold and healthy smoothies, grab a book and lounge at your veranda. And to those who want to cut back on electricity bills, why not switch your aircon for a ceiling fan? By doing so, you’ll have constant breeze moving in and out of the entire room.

But like the rest of the homeowners out there, you might be having doubts whether it’s a good idea or not. Tell you what, it actually comes with several advantages. Read on to learn some of them.

It Can Still be Stylish for 2019

You might have heard some homeowners who love modern interior designs say, “Ditch that old ceiling fan, it looks archaic. Install one and your home would look like a century-old abandoned house.” Quite an exaggeration but that’s how they view it—an outdated home piece. But you got it all wrong, folks. Perhaps, the mistake you could fall into is choosing the wrong design.

Even some of the seasoned interior designers can still incorporate it and make the whole room look fab you’ll be left there tongue-tied. Yes, they’re not outdated. In fact, they can still make a room stylish for 2019. Take a look at some of the modern fans you might love.

And oh, just a friendly neighbor’s advice: It’s perfect for tropical Scandinavian homes, vintage industrial, Victorian or industrial chic interiors.

More Economical than Aircon

It’s no secret: Electricity bills are higher than high if your home is fully-airconditioned. If you rely on it 24 hours a day to keep your home cool, then brace yourself for heftier expenses. On the other hand, installing a ceiling fan is super economical while still filling your home with constant breeze moving to and fro.

Multi-Function Ceiling Fans Can Provide Ambient Lighting

Yes, you read that right. This valuable home piece can actually work in two useful ways. First, it is to provide you with constant breeze and keep your home cool from day to night. Next, the multi-function types can provide ambient lighting in rooms where it’s not sufficient. This is great option for your veranda, kitchen or reading nook where bright, broad lighting is a must-have.

Good for those Who Treasure Peace and Silence

Manufacturers have found a way to come up with fans that are super quiet that you won’t think of any other option for your home library, bedroom or office. Or perhaps, you’re simply the kind of person who wants the entire house filled with deafening silence. Ditch that aircon for this and it would make a huge difference.

Peace and Silence

Shoos Away Pests

Constant breeze. Ambient lighting. Those aren’t the only useful ways you can use your fan for. It can also shoo away despicable pests that find their way into your home including mosquitos and houseflies. It may not be a hundred percent solution for that but it can help.

Great Option in Places Where Space is a Luxury

In cramped apartments, every space you get to save is a luxury. Homeowners who live in these kinds of spaces have been becoming creative in finding ways to make their apartments looking bigger and more spacious than the actual. Check out some examples here.

If you live in a small apartment where every little space is a luxury, you might find it challenging to find the best place for that standard fan or that air-conditioning unit. Installing a ceiling fan easily solves this problem. It’s super space-efficient yet the breeze it provides covers the entire room!

What are other cool reasons you can think of why ceiling fans are still a fad? Do let us know!

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