What Is The Palm Sander with Vacuum Attachment?

The use of palm sanders for the smoothing of various wooden works are what makes one look at a chair or table and admire its beauty. Most wooden works or wooden furniture’s that we see were not smooth at its beginning state as most woods come out with rough surface’s. These rough surfaces are mostly smoothened by the use of a palm sanders.

What Is The Palm Sander with Vacuum Attachment

Palm sanders, mostly having a sand paper attached to its orbital disk, move rapidly in circles to smoothen the surface of the wood that is being pressed against it. During the process of smoothening the surface of woods, palm sanders tend to send off wood dust or particles and debris of wood in to the air and as you continue, the more wooden dust particles are send-off rapidly from the sander and gradually make a heap of wooden particles on the floor. Now even though modern palm sanders do come with a dust collector, they are normally too little or too small in containing all dust particles for an entire work of wood smoothing. This problem makes the work tiring and a bit stressful, as one will have to stop now and then to empty the dust container of the sander.

palm sander with vacuum attachment

Addressing such problems lead to the making of palm sander with vacuum attachment. Palm sanders do have an portion on it where a hose can be placed and connected to a vacuum so as to be able to suck dust particles coming from the smoothening of wood straight to the vacuum.

 Dust particles are collected from the palm sander and sent directly to the vacuum through the attached hose, thereby making work more efficient as dust are stored in the vacuum which will take time before a need to empty the dust off.

Not all palm sanders do come with a place for the connection of a vacuum so do well to look for a palm sander with a vacuum that has the option of being able to connect a hose to it. Hoses are very important in the buying of a palm sander with a vacuum as they are very essential in the process of vacuuming. Mostly the hose is the channel that dust and debris from your palm sander will go through to the vacuum and hence the need of you purchasing the right one. Right and compatible hoses should be bought as a wrong one can just add to your problems. A slight difference in the inches of hose can end up starving your collection of air which intends puts extra wear and tear on the motor of the vacuum.

The use of a shop vac as an portable dust extractor for your palm sander is also a great way to make use of a palm sander with a vacuum. The filter bags in shop vacs gives you an additional installation of a primary pleated filter. Not using a bag makes filters in the shop vac clog easily, killing air flow and in long run breaking down the whole shop vac due to dust finding its way to the motor.

Portable Dust Extractor for Your Palm Sander

For more efficiency at collecting dust, you could also add a cyclone separator to your shop vac. When a cyclone separator is connected to a vacuum source it creates a cyclonic suction that collects large dust particles minimally, making the usage of your palm sander easy and efficient.

An orbital sander with vacuum attachment makes working on wood not just easy but also makes the whole process efficient and inexpensive. All wooden dust particles are safely moved to the vacuum and time won’t be wasted in stopping every now and then in emptying dust from the sander.

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