The Pros and Cons of Stucco Homes

Stucco homes have many advantages that make them a great option for new home buyers. If you are in the market for one or were thinking of getting one constructed, it’s essential that you know these advantages so you can make a sound decision. And if you were thinking of applying stucco somewhere in your house, you also have to know the benefits of stucco to know if it would be the best option for your chosen application. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of stucco homes.

Pros and Cons of Stucco Homes

Reduces Sound Transmission

One of the best things about stucco is that it will block some of the ambient noise outside your home. This is a particularly good option if you’re living in a noisy neighborhood or if there is a lot of activity inside the house. If you have a child who plays a musical instrument, for instance, stucco will allow you to reduce the amount of sound that seeps through the walls.

It’s Fire Resistant

Another benefit of stucco as a building material is how fire resistant it is. Stucco is often applied to roof overhangs to make them fire resistant, while a stucco roof is an excellent way to protect your structure from catching fire in the first place. Just one inch of stucco will give an external wall one extra fire hour rating. Many homes were saved from wildfires because they had stucco walls, so this is a great choice if you’re in an area that’s prone to forest fires.

Energy Efficient

Stucco is made up of a mix of lime, cement, and silica that is applied in multiple layers. When it dries, it forms a concrete shell over the exterior of the home. This shell helps the house maintain its temperature better. This will allow you to save on heating in the winter and it will require less energy to keep cool during the hot summer months.

Stucco Is Made Up  Of a Mix of Lime

Long Lasting

Stucco is one of the most long-lasting materials on the market. As a matter of fact, properly applied stucco can last for up to 50 years. So, you won’t have to think about replacing the siding on your home for a while when you go for stucco. And maintenance is very easy as well. All you will have to do is clean it with a pressure washer from time to time to make sure that no dirt penetrates into the pores. And if you see any cracks, all you have to do is call a stucco patch and repair service and they will repair it right away for you.

The Price Tag

While stucco has tons of things going for it, one of the reasons why many avoid it is because of how expensive it can be. Stucco siding will cost you more up front when compared with other options like vinyl or cement. But stucco remains a good investment in the long-term because of how durable and easy to maintain it is. However, stucco might not be the best option if you live in an earthquake-prone area, as earth shifts will increase the odds of cracks.


Stucco is a very popular material in hot and arid climates, but not so much in areas that see a lot of rain. While stucco can repel some moisture in moderate areas, it can become oversaturated if you have to deal with lots of precipitation. It can only expand and absorb moisture up to a certain level and it isn’t as efficient as brick or vinyl at preventing water from penetrating into the walls.

You also have to worry about soil saturation as well. With stucco, you have to make sure that the house is set on solid foundations to prevent damage. If you’re worried about the foundation settling, you’ll have to take some preventative measures such as installing downspouts and good guttering to prevent the soil from getting saturated with water. You could also limit saturation by grading your yard in a way that it slopes away from the house’s foundation. All of this will allow you to lessen the risk of your foundation shifting.

Stucco Siding Will Cos

Not the Easiest to Paint

Another thing you’ll have to be aware of with stucco is that applying paint isn’t as simple as it is with some of the other options. That’s why you should be set on a color from the get-go. If you happen to change your mind, you’ll need to have the old paint totally sandblasted before you can apply a new coat.


Stucco is one of the best building materials and also one of the safest as well. If you were thinking of buying a new home or making renovations to your current one, you should definitely consider stucco as an option.

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