Pros of an Ethanol Fireplace for the Home

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Are you considering an ethanol fireplace - good choice - there are plenty of reasons to purchase one as you can see from the article below.

1. Modern Design:

Having an ethanol fireplace in your home is an effective way of adding some touch of character and class to the home without having to spend a lot of money. In most of the cases, the type of ethanol fireplace you can find in the market is varied and ornate, and there is a good chance you are going to find the perfect one that suits your apartment or home.

If you think your home is already full of character and decorations already, then you can choose to go with a simpler and still modern bio-ethanol fireplace. If you find your home to be a little plan (this is common for people living in an apartment or rented space) and thinking of adding some touches to make your space feel a little more like home, then adding an ethanol fireplace will prove to be effective.

There are a lot of restrictions on what you can and can’t do when you live in an apartment, and adding a portable ethanol fireplace seems like a great way of adding some character to your space while remaining practical and a cost-effective way of hating your home.

2. A great source of supplementing heat:

Fireplaces are great when it comes to heating. Traditional fireplaces using wood have been around for a very long time, and they have been used as the primary method of heating many households. The good news is that there is a better option that will be less heavy when breathing in, and produces less emission to the environment, and this is what has made it a great way of heating.

How do the bio-ethanol fireplace trump out the wood-burning fireplaces?

The common is that wood burning fireplaces will need to be built into the homes and they will need a “flue”. A flue is important because it helps in ventilating and releasing the smoke that has been produced because of the log burning. If the smoke coming from the fireplace is not removed from the room, it will present different kinds of dangers, and this includes fire because of improper ventilation, and also cause respiratory problems when people inside the room breathe in the smoke. This is why a flue must be installed. Flues will also provide heat a way of escaping.

The conclusion is that you will not be getting the value of your buck when you choose the traditional fireplaces. The good thing is that bio-ethanol fireplaces are there and can be used to heat any type of home or apartment without having to spend a lot of money on a ventilation system because it is smoke-free and there is no release of air pollutants.

3. Clean and friendly to the environment:

If you want a heating method that is clean and sustainable, then the bio-ethanol heater will prove to be a great option according to Soothing Company. It is important to take good care of the planet because it is the only one we can live on. By switching from long-burning to bio-ethanol, you are doing a lot to help the environment.

4.  They are eco-friendly:

This is due to the fact that there is no emission of smoke. The fuel sources of these fireplaces are ethanol, which doesn’t emit any smoke.

How is the fuel made? The process of doing this is simple. It is in gas form and there is no carbon dioxide produced, and it comes from fermented plants such as sugarcane, corn, and switchgrass.

The carbon dioxide that is released when ethanol is burned is negligible. To get a clear picture of how negligible the carbon dioxide produced is, it is the about the same amount that humans produce every time they exhale when breathing.

5. Lower installation costs:

One of the biggest benefits you can expect to get from an ethanol fireplace is that there is no installation fee. The units that are in the market are usually independent and you can place them on the floor, table, or any other surface. This means there is no need of inserting it to the wall or embedding it anywhere, although you can go with an option like this. This means all you will need to pay for is the fireplace unit and the fuel.

When compared to wood burning where you have to spend a lot of money buying the fireplace then having it anchored to the house, then constructing the flue to release the smoke, bio-ethanol fireplaces seems to be the better option. If you are going for an option that uses a boiler or radiator, you need to know that the starting costs are higher, and you will still need to spend on maintenance, which it requires a lot. This will add up and prove to be expensive.

This is why more and more people are choosing ethanol fireplaces. They are durable and can last for a very long period of time. It is made out of stainless steel, which has been shown to be very durable. If after decades the system runs into problems, then you can just go and buy a new unit because it is not attached to the house. You will not spend anything on remodeling or a lot on maintenance.

6. Easy maintaining and using it:

These fireplaces are very easy to use and maintain. There is no emission of damaging particles or gasses. There is also no charcoal left behind that needs to be cleaned up and can cause discoloration and corroding the fireplace. The flames are emission-free and no residue is left behind, and this ensures it will serve for a lot of years to come.

Heat is a must for a home. It is needed when the temperature drops in the colder months and nights. Instead of using a lot of blankets to get warmth, which can be uncomfortable and ineffective, why don’t you choose a more efficient method? Bio-ethanol fireplaces will leave your home looking great while providing you with warmth without any effects.

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