What Is The Recirculating Hydroponic system?

The events of today’s bad epidemic of the growing of cash crops which is later processed into food has made a lot of us think of growing our own crops and plants. As you probably know, hydroponic system is one of the best way to grow plants and crops and are probably using this system in growing your plants. However, the main reason for hydroponics is to allow the roots of plants to have direct contact with nutrient solution and also gain oxygen which are basic needs for the growth of a plant, but has a disadvantage. In the use of hydroponic system, there is the need of flushing to prevent build up minerals in the medium of the plant. If not done, these minerals in a long run can destroy a whole farm of plants or garden by making the plant not delicious or make it a bad tasting fruit.

Recirculating Hydroponic system

This article, is to inform you on better ways of having a hydroponic system, but not having to go through the hassle of flushing. This method is called Recirculating Hydroponic System. Recirculating Hydroponic system is just a simple way of supplying the plants in a hydroponic system the needed nutrients they require for a healthy growth by recirculating a nutrient solution which is pumped from a reservoir to the plant’s roots. During recirculating hydroponic system, water which is injected with accurate amount of fertilizer determined by regular nutrient testing is continuously recovered and then recirculated to the roots of the plants. Due to massive accumulation of metals like copper and aluminum and the problem of unbalanced nutrients, water is stored in a hydroponic reservoir tanks made purposely for the task of discharging water every 1 to 3 months with the right amount of fertilizer to the roots of the plants in the soil.

The tanks used in the storing of water in a recirculating hydroponic system is an important factor in the regulating of nutrients to the plants, hence the cleaning of cleaning hydroponic systems should also be a top priority. That is running out and turning over the recirculating solution. Hydroponic reservoir tanks are changed to maintain the important levels of nutrients to the plants. It is also important to remember that each water source have different background ion levels which might cause an imbalance in the plants nutrient solution if proper attention is not given. The tanks are also to be made sure that they are in great condition, as in where it is kept, will the location be good for the accurate pumping of water containing the nutrients reach the plants and is it placed well from climate or weather conditions.

Cleaning Hydroponic Systems

There should also be a strict management of when to change or add nutrients in your water. Plants that are being grown on the farm or garden should be monitored on which nutrient is to be given and how much should be given. Periods of discharging water to soil of plants too should be closely monitored, as to know which and exact month or day you are supposedly to discharge, and the question of how to clean hydroponic system should also be monitored.

Recirculating hydroponic system reduce the cost of water and the loss of it in terms of practicing agriculture. Rebalancing nutrients for plants can be a big problem for farmers due to the many problems of how fast they can be lost. Erosion, evapotranspiration and irrigation leaks are just a few of sources of water loss. In normal agriculture farming, nutrients are directly added to water at the beginning of each cycle and not reused, hence when the right amount of nutrient level is determined there will be no need for constant retesting of nutrient level which may be problem later on in the cycle. So, no matter which kind of farming that you practice, at the end is all about reducing waste while enhancing efficiency making it a great deal to know the importance of recirculating hydroponic system.

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