Brick Oven vs Wood Fired Pizza | Who Is the Delicious Pizzas Maker?

What process do they go through? and how do they come out so crusty and baked so well? Are the many but few questions most of us that love pizza or trying to make pizza of our own pounder on. Enjoying a good pizza makes you always want to know how it was made and process it took to make you classify it as a good pizza among the many others you tasted.

Brick Oven vs Wood Fired Pizza

Many are told or think the making of a good pizza lays on the type of ingredient used in making the pizza or the toppings placed on the pizza. This however, is not the truth. Let’s begin the battle of brick oven vs wood fired pizza to find out who can make the best delicious pizza!

The making of a good, tasty and delicious pizza does not lay on the ingredients nor the toppings in making it, but rather in the baking of the pizza. Almost every pizza has the same ingredients. Flour, yeast, tomato sauce, cheese, mushroom among many others. But the real making of the pizza will depend on how you bake it.

Now the problem for most people who are trying to make their own pizzas at home, for a party or gathering, or simply setting up a commercial pizza joint is which type of oven to use in the baking of the pizza.

A Commercial Pizza

There are indeed a lot of oven types one can think of in the baking of a pizza. Conveyor, deck, and convection pizza ovens are all available with either gas or electric hookups. That being said, there is some slight difference between gas pizza ovens and those that are fired with wood.

A gas-operated oven for the making of pizza is considered for its best high-volume and traditional pizza marking. They normally produce a crispier crust and cook the rest of your pizza evenly.

Traditional baking of pizza deals with either the use of a brick oven or a wood-fired pizza. Making use of a wood-fired pizza gives one the feel of traditional baking in the early years of man where wood-burning was the way for food preparation. With the use of a wood-fired pizza, one can attain a high temperature that allows a pizza to bake accurately and quickly. Temperatures fall between 500-700 degrees.

A Good Pizza Lays

As a result of this you can easily get a well-baked pizza in 5-10 minutes (depending on how thick your dough is). A wood-fired pizza adds a significant amount of flavor to the baking of a pizza making it delicious. It has a unique, smoky flavor that gives the pizza a delicious aroma that is just impossible for other ovens to replicate, and what makes it more interesting is, its ability to retain all the nutrients of the ingredients used in making the pizza.

Cooking your pizza in an open flame such as a wood-fired pizza helps retain specific nutrients and antioxidants as is baked at the right temperature in a short possible time.

Brick ovens are often wood-fired but are mostly used with gas as their source of heat than the normal firewood. Brick ovens share exact same characteristics of a wood-fired pizza in terms of temperature and how fast it could bake a pizza and the adding of the unique, smoky flavor of the pizza.

However, the mere difference would lay in how to regulate the temperature while baking. A brick oven as said earlier makes use of gas most of the time, hence the ability to adjust heat temperature of how you did like to bake your pizza as compared to the wood-fired.

The kind of baking you use for the making of your pizza will highly portray its deliciousness. There is now wood fired brick oven pizza that are exceptional in the pizza industry for the making of great, wonderful and delicious pizzas.

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