Pregnancy Pillow vs Body Pillow | What’s The Difference Actually?

Discomfort in pregnancy within a woman is daily experienced. Pregnancy does indeed come with a lot of pain, changes to the human body and a lot of emotions along with it. Mood swings, discomforts, back pain, feet swelling, constant visits to the bathroom and many others are just a few that women and our mothers go through.

Pregnancy Pillow vs Body Pillow

In fact, each cycle during the pregnancy has its problems to deal with making pregnant women complain a lot about various pains and problems during pregnancy. Among these pains and discomfort is their inability of having a good night’s sleep.

We all would agree how important a good night’s rest or sleep is important for the body, however, sleep becomes awfully difficult when one is pregnant. The angle on how to sleep so as to not but pressure on your stomach or the position and style you sleep while pregnant all have its effects. Most pregnant women, often toss in bed all night keep on changing positions every now and then, just so as to relieve pain from the back, leg, or head.

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Due to this problem came the being or development of a pregnancy pillow. As you might know already or just happen to be hearing from it for the first time, A pregnancy pillow is a type of body pillow designed for and used by pregnant women, so as to aid them to a good night’s sleep, or by just helping them sit and relax.

Knowing the difference between a pregnancy pillow vs body pillow can go really a long way in helping you find a pillow that is excellent and great for your comfort. Now, even though they are both body pillows, pregnancy pillows are purposely designed to give pregnant mothers great comfort and to aid them to a more relaxed and satisfying good night’s sleep.

Having said that there is a whole number of pregnancy pillows one can make use of, beginning from the different styles, sizes and shapes. Listed below are the two main types one needs to consider as a pregnant and expecting mom.

Wedge  Pregnancy  Pillow

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow: 

As it is named, the wedge pillow slides under the pregnant woman’s back or stomach and deliberately give support in sleep. There are mostly inexpensive and still can be used even after giving birth, thereby making them a favorite and popular. It is normally placed behind the back of a pregnant woman so as in aiding her sleep on her side.

C Shaped Maternity Pillow: 

Another common and inexpensive pillow for pregnant women. Since it is shaped in a C form, it allows for the sleeping of sides, be it the left side or the right side and therefore allowing pregnant women to adjust to a better position in the process of sleeping. The C-shape aid the pregnant woman’s head and shoulders by placing it on the top of the c while supporting the knees and legs at the bottom of the C. This in turn gives room for the stomach to be relaxed at the opening of the C.

C Shaped Maternity Pillow

Now the having read the above main types of pregnant pillows, one could easily tell there are not many differences in a body pillow to that of a pregnancy pillow. In fact, most pregnant pillows were indeed derived from a normal body pillow. The U and J are examples of used body pillows while pregnant to create excellent comfort for pregnant moms and women. Body pillows have the tendency to aid a person to a comfortable sleep whether being pregnant or not.

The main difference between pregnancy pillows and a body pillow, will its texture, heaviness and a bit of design difference. But having said that, the comfortability of a pillow would only lay in the preference of an individual.

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