Things to Consider Before Buying a Matterss

A good and comfortable mattress plays a crucial part in a good night’s sleep. Follow the guidelines outlined below if shopping for a new mattress.

Mattress Buying Guide
  • 1 Replace your mattress after every 8 years. The regular mattress is designed to last around 8 years after which the materials start to degrade. If you wake up feeling disgruntled, feel pains each morning, and cannot get comfortable on the bed, then chances are the materials are already worn out.  It may be time to start shopping for a new one.
  • 2 Replace the box spring. The springs suffer the same fate as the mattress. The tension and compression of the springs will change the structure and evenness of the spring box. This mainly due to your weight and that of the mattress as well. Consider replacing the box spring and the mattress after eight years for continued comfort.
  • 3 Focus on mattress comfort: Mattresses come in various levels of comfort determined by its firmness. To some, a firm mattress is more comfortable than a softer one, and vice versa. For this reason, experts recommend going for what suits you best. You can choose between a soft, firm, and medium firmness. Be sure to pick one that suits you best.  Try sleeping on the mattress for some minutes to determine if it has the level of ‘comfort’ you are looking for. A lot of people highly rate mattress 1 as a brand.
  • 4 Go for mattresses designed for your body structure: According to experts (chiropractors), a good mattress should distribute ones pressure evenly, as well as conform to the spine’s natural curve. Finding a mattress that conforms to your spine and pressure points can however be a daunting task. This is because pressure points vary from one person to the other. Try lying on the mattress to see if it helps maintain a neutral spine alignment. You can ask someone else, or even a friend, to do the same to see if it is comfortable for them as well. Do this using your preferred sleeping position. Avoid saggy or mattresses that curve in any direction.
  • 5 Avoid saggy mattresses: While the firmest mattress may not be ideal for people with back pains, a saggy one isn’t recommended either. There is still ongoing research on the best mattress for individuals suffering from back pains. To determine the mattress firmness, lie on the mattress in your favorite sleeping position to see if it is saggy or too firm.
  • 6 Avoid vintage mattresses: While you may be in love with the mattress you currently own, experts discourage against investing in vintage mattresses. Any mattress manufactured before July 2007 should be avoided, and for a good reason. Vintage mattresses have a high risk of catching fire and don’t meet fire resistance regulations.
  • 7 Brand names don’t matter: Almost all mattress coils share a manufacturer. Don’t be duped into buying an expensive mattress simply because of the brand. The dollar signs don’t mean the mattress is of premium quality.
  • 8 Watch out for ‘big’ mattresses. Some manufacturers will use a visual ploy to trick consumers into thinking their mattress is more comfortable.  Just because a mattress is thicker doesn’t mean it will be comfortable. The rule of thumb is to lie on the bed to find the most comfortable one in the pack.
  • 9 Beware of allergens. Allergens such as mold, dust mites, and bacteria can be nuisance in the bedroom. If allergic to all these, you should then consider going for a hypoallergenic mattress. These mattresses are manufactured using wool, and natural latex hence does not contain chemical allergens in them. If the price tag for these is too much, consider vacuuming your mattress every day.
  • 10 Have your partner in mind. Look for mattresses capable of adjusting firmness on either side. This way, you won’t disturb your partner when tossing, etc. Neither of you should sacrifice their comfort for the other.
  • 11 Give it time:  It takes time for your body, and the mattress, to adjust to the new settings. Don’t be quick to ask for a replacement or refund if it doesn’t feel comfortable on the first night. Give it a few nights to see if this chances.
  • 12 Look out for return policies:  Check to see if the supplier accepts replacements or returns should you choose to.

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