10 Ways To Make Your Deck Stand Out

Having a deck can be a wonderful thing! This special outdoor area is a place where family and friends can gather throughout all the seasons to celebrate good times. However, if you find that your deck is starting to feel a bit drab or maybe doesn’t have the appeal you want, there are lots of things you can do to spiff it up and give it new life.

10 Ways To Make Your Deck Stand Out

Fix And Clean Up Any Unsafe Areas On Your Deck

It may seem like a no-brainer, but making sure your deck is safe should be priority number one. Fix any broken spots and sand down rough areas. Just this one simple act will go a long way to making your deck look better.

Fix and Clean Up Any Unsafe Areas on Deck

Stain It

A good stain can bring vibrancy to the wood that it didn’t have before and help protect it from the elements.


Adding rails around your deck makes it safer, but also can create a feeling of intimacy for your guests. Let the style of your rails add to the overall décor by staining or painting them.

Adding Rails Around the Deck Makes It Safer but Also Can Create a Feeling of Intimacy for Guests

Add Plants

Pots filled with bright flowers or planters of different sizes create a nice, homey feeling. Try adding in a rolling herb garden cart that can be moved around the deck as needed.

Create Outdoor Storage Out Of Benches

Benches that also act as storage containers for pool toys or garden tools are both functional and efficient.

Patio Furniture

This may be one of the most important things you can do to make your deck stand out! Whatever configuration of furniture you choose—a bench with a colorful pillow on top versus an entire matching patio set with couches and a table—will add or detract from the appeal of your deck.

Get A Fire Pit

Decks tend to get neglected in the winter months, but adding an iron fire pit that can stand on its own or an outdoor fireplace can keep your party going all year. Add a grill and your all set to make s’mores or roast marshmallows.

Add An Overhead Cover

An awning, an umbrella—your decks sunshine coast will never be too bright for your guests with a little shade to keep things cooled off.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you really enjoy entertaining, consider adding a full kitchen on your deck with an outdoor grill, refrigerator, and countertop area for meal prep. Add in an island for your guests to be served at, and you’re guaranteed to be the hit of the neighborhood.


Perhaps a full kitchen is out of your price range or just not your thing. Consider something a bit more basic like an outdoor bar. A serving area with bar stools and drinks always makes for a great addition to a deck. If that’s a little too grandiose, a simple rolling drink cart complete with ice bucket and glasses will create the same effect.

Decks can function like an extra room of your house—one that just happens to be outdoors. Trying just one of the tips listed here is sure to make a world of difference for your next gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Put on Top of Decking?

After the boards are up, it’s possible to attach voila® clips (or other fasteners) and then install your trim. Here are some popular trim materials that can be used on top of decks: balusters (a type of ornamental column), rails, spindles, posts, panels (sometimes called shingles), corbels (!; carved sculptures at the base of arches or domes), and coping stones.

What Can You Do With a Narrow Deck?

Some people use it for sketching, others use it as a place to hang artwork, and still others use it as a way to display collectibles or curios. The possibilities are endless, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself a narrow deck today!

Can I Put Deck Tiles Over Existing Deck?

In general, it’s important to contact your homeowner’s insurance company or a structural engineer before proceeding with any alterations or repairs. This is because there could be potential consequences if something goes wrong and you end up needing to replace your deck due to damage caused by tiles overtop of it.

Sometimes it can be easier ( and cheaper) just to remove the tiles altogether and replace them with a new surface that is designed for use with wooden decks. Other times, a combination of replacing existing decking with tile or installing modular tiles in an irregular pattern may work better than using traditional round tiles. It always pays off to hire an expert when making such major changes in your home!

What Flooring Can You Put Over Wood Decking?

If you’re looking to cover your wood deck with something other than wood, you may be interested in using flooring. While there are many different types of flooring that can be used on a wooden deck, some of the most popular include cork floors, hardwood floors, laminate floors, and tile floors.

When choosing which type of floor to use for your deck, it is important to consider factors like durability and weather protection. Cork Floors are often seen as the best option for outdoor decks because they offer resistance to moisture and pests. They also look nice and have a natural feel that many people love. Hardwood Flooring is another great option because it’s durable ( withstands drops), easy to clean (no need for special cleaners or treatments), looks beautiful, and adds value to your home. Laminate Floorings come in several color options which can match any color scheme or the interior design theme you might have in mind. And finally, Tile Floors can add style but also provide extra safety thanks to their slip-resistant properties.

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