What Is A Body Pillow?

Have you ever had a day in your life where you were not able to just sleep even though you were not on any sort of caffeine? Yes! There are indeed some days most people are not able to get the proper sleep required or the kind of sleep they want.

what is a body pillow

Sleeping is a very crucial necessity in life and the need for a good 8 hours sleep is something all humans need to observe, so as to give the brain and the whole body some a rest of doing what they do when you are awake. In fact, not being able to sleep which is known as Insomnia is now considered as a health problem and they are a great number of individuals in the world now, who are expressing extreme conditions of insomnia.

Due to the inability of not being able to sleep (Insomnia) or sleep properly, has become a growing phenomenon in today’s world with researchers coming up with a theory of a brain staying awake instead of shutting down during nights. The regular pillows we sleep on are mostly designed to help our head relax in a comfortable way and hence aiding us to a good sleep. However, it has been found that sleeping postures play a big deal in how good a person can sleep. This is why the creation of body pillows came to be. So, the question here now is what is a body pillow?

A body pillow is an oversized pillow, way bigger than that of a normal head pillow which provides not just head rest but the whole body with extraordinary comfort, relief and a great restful good night sleep. It is normally bigger and huge than the normal pillows, and to answer the question of what is the standard size of a body pillow is? it is a 20 by 54 inches’ pillow and yes, your guess is right, it can cover your whole body. The sleeping with a body pillow is designed to give you extreme comfort while you sleep by giving support to your whole body and including your legs and knees.

The U-shaped pillow

There are indeed different styles of sleeping and individual preference’s in getting a good night sleep, and body pillows have also been designed to meet up with these various styles and individual preferences of sleeping. So, whether you like to sleep on your back, stomach, right side or left side, there are body pillows to ensure you have that good night sleep.

The U-shaped pillow, a body pillow shaped like a U, works by letting your head rest at the top of the curve of the U, which gives a snug around you at the curve of the U in an upside-down look. Its separate arms of the pillows wrap around you, with one arm going down your back and the other going down your front. Its either you sleep on your back or on your side with a u-shaped pillow.

A J-shaped body pillow, sometimes called a C-shaped pillow, is normally curved on one end to help support the neck or knees while sleeping. They are considered a middle ground between the I-shaped and U-shaped pillows. They can be placed also between your knees, to relieve back pain and stain.

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A Body Pillow Shaped Like

More so, an I shaped body pillow, again shaped in the shape of a letter I, are body pillows that are very long and huggable. This type of pillows helps support the knees by placing the whole pillow in between one’s legs with your head still on the pillow and arms wrapped around it. This kind of posture aligns the spinal cord, hence helping relieve pain in the back and spine which in turn gives a wonderful sleep.

Sleeping with body pillow, indeed can be intoxicating. The warmth and comfort it gives during sleep, makes one wake up with a smile and a refreshed body and mind for whatever day is ahead. Finding a body pillow can be challenging, so it is advisable to study your sleep style and pattern to enable you get the perfect body pillow.

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