What Will Top Roof Replacement Contractors in Cedar Rapids Tell You?

The day has finally come, you are replacing your roof. Often this is said with a sense of dread, particularly if you have just purchased the property or this comes as a surprise to you, but it doesn’t need to be. A lot of the time a roof repair or replacement will be covered by your insurance, but replacing your roof is also a time to make sure that your home is not only beautiful, but watertight and warm.

What Will Top Roof Replacement Contractors in Cedar Rapids Tell You?

What Roofing Type Will You Get?

 If you are completely replacing your roof, this is your chance to get something completely different. Slate, metal, tile, wood, asphalt, there are a great number of options (although things like thatch might be a bit harder to get past the insurance company). Obviously your own personal aesthetic will have a huge bearing on what you want, but you should also take the advice of your roof replacement contractors, as they are the experts who have replaced hundreds, even thousands of roofs, and will probably have seen all sorts of disasters. You do not want your roof replacement to be one of those stories that they can use in the future to warn clients about what not to do.


Your roofing specialists should be able to have examples of different styles of homes they have worked on, with before and after shots showing different styles of roofing. Have a look at https://aplusroofinggutters.com for some examples, but also have a look around on Pinterest and similar sites. Remembering that color will have a big impact on how well your house ages. A beautiful sky-blue metal roof may be winning architectural designs this year, but slate will always have a timeless elegance. Which option is going to suit the style of your house the best?


 If you are doing a straight replacement using the same sort of material, even if you are changing the color, it should be a relatively straightforward process, as the roof has already been set up to support that style of roof. However, if you are wanting to change you will need to ensure that your roofing contractor is familiar with both styles, as there will often need to be changed to the framing underneath.


Weight also needs to be taken into consideration, as certain materials are significantly heavier than others. While for the vast majority of homes this won’t be a concern, for a few with weak piles, that have already undertaken renovations that have increased the weight of their house (maybe converting the attic into a spa room), or that have substandard foundations or soil, this may cause problems.

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Would They Lie To You?

Obviously, you need to trust what your contractor is telling you. This is your home, and your roof has a large impact on the protection of your largest asset (and on the health of the occupants). Living in the modern age may have drawbacks, but one significant advantage is the ability to read reviews and ask complete strangers for their feedback. Talk to people on local social media sites and internet forums that have had roofing work completed, ask them who they used and if they were happy with the job. Ask why! Don’t look at every negative review automatically as a reason to avoid a company but looks at why there was a negative review. Often the person leaving the remarks was upset over things outside the companies control, perhaps insurance was declined because the homeowner hadn’t paid the premium, but a significant number of complaints about the workmanship, sudden increases in pricing or overly long wait times beyond the time scheduled in should set off alarm bells.

Better Business

One option frequently referred to is the Better Business Bureau. Companies may become accredited if they can show that they are genuine and reliable – and meet the standards to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  Because there are many fly-by-night operators in the construction industry, being able to work with a company that not only has a good reputation but has actually gone through the effort to become accredited with a worldwide organization like the BBB shows a tendency towards reliability and longevity.

One of the standards that must be met in order to earn a BBB accreditation is honesty. A business must not try to hide anything, and make sure that any quote or information they provide is clear and accurate. No giving you a quote for replacing your roof, but you find out later that you are responsible to taking away the waste material, or that council permits are an additional extra. The last thing you want when you have having your roof replaced is last minute charges that crop up after your current roof has been removed. Always make sure that you know who you are dealing with and that they are dealing with you in good faith.

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