Where To Place Dehumidifier In Basement?

Living in a humid environment has its daily problems which sometimes get to a point of un-comfortability in your own home. A Humid environment invites a lot of problems such as dust mite, mildew, molds and serious seasonal allergies.

Where To Place Dehumidifier In Basement

Having a house which tends to be more humid most of the time does not only make one sick from allergies, but starts to affect your walls, furniture and other stuff as it will serve as breading grounds for mold activities. There are so many families who had to move from a beloved home or house due to the excessive activities of dust mites and molds.

So, what then can you do when you are living in humid environment or just happen to have rooms where there are no ventilation hence causing the room to be always humid. The answer is getting a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a household appliance, used in the reducing of humidity of air in rooms, houses and offices. They are used largely for the elimination of musty odor in homes and offices where there is no ventilation but are also used for health reasons such as asthma and allergies.

Dehumidifiers as said are to remove humid or concentrated air that tends to bring mildew and molds in rooms, hence are mostly placed in advantage corners of the room, house or office so as to be able to easily spread out moist air quickly in getting rid of any humid air. But the question here is where will be the most efficient place to place a dehumidifier? in a house or office. Basements of housing and office buildings are mostly the best place in having a dehumidifier cause most basements tend to be wetter than other rooms in a building and since they are always below the ground, they have less or no access to natural sunlight. It should be the first place to think of placing a dehumidifier because it’s always has extra moisture and gives open doors for fungi and mildew particles to operate.

Purchasing the best dehumidifier in the world won’t be able to perform the way it should, if it is placed in a wrong section of your basement. The question of where to place dehumidifier in basement? Is answered by considering a few things as discussed below:

Place the Dehumidifier

1. First is to place the dehumidifier near an outlet. You of course would have to look for an open area in the basement with a working outlet. The outlet must not be used by any other if it’s a double plugged in outlet. Is best safe to only plug in the dehumidifier

2. Second is making sure the surroundings for here you did be placing the dehumidifier is open and clear from any standing water or a pass way for any leakage. The placing of the dehumidifier in the basement must be clear of all obstacles such as boxes, cans, books and the likes of other things that are normally placed in the basement. It should not also be placed in place where water is likely to be found as this will affect the dehumidifier from functioning properly.

3. Lastly is to make sure all doors or passage in the basements are sealed shut from allowing air form outside in getting in. This might sound off, but is important for the dehumidifier to work properly or it will be consuming a lot of energy in trying to keep constant new air coming in to the basement humid.

The Basement Humid

On where to drain dehumidifier in your basement shall completely depend on the type of dehumidifier purchased or used. If your dehumidifier came with its own bottle or bin collector, then you did have to make sure of emptying it on regular basis, however if you do have a sink drain or a floor drain you did like to have a dehumidifier that has a hook for its drainage.

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