Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seat | What Material Makes The Seat Best?

Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seat

Going to the toilet, these days means going to relax and have a me-time. Thanks to technology and the uprising of the use of mobile devices and smartphones, one could go sit in the toilet for hours, just scrolling on the phone. Most sit on the toilet with the phone in both hands, reading blogs, scrolling through Facebook, liking statues, tweeting, or just watching funny videos or memes.

Due to this trend of lifestyle, the need for a comfortable toilet seat, where one can enjoy sitting not only for the passing out of unwanted waste from the body but also to enjoy doing something on the phone.

Now they are different types of toilet seats one can make use of at home, these different types happen to land on the battle of having to use a wood vs plastic toilet seat. Most like to decorate their bathrooms in a fashionable way, in terms of color, materials, and cleaning and hygienic priorities. Now the choice of using either a wood or plastic toilet seat would affect the above-mentioned factors, as to how an individual would like his or her bathroom.

Plastic Toilet Seat

Most toilets seats are made up of molded plastic and have made almost everyone used to or comfortable in having them as a toilet seat. The main types of plastic used for toilet seats are Thermoplastic and Thermoset. These plastics are considered durable and everlasting in terms of their characteristics. That is the main reason why you could go out of your parents’ house and live in another city for many years, and still come back to visit and feel comfortable on the toilet seat that you sat on during your childhood age.

It’s being durable, which means it could withstand almost any kind of pressure. Plastic toilet seats are mostly made to accommodate any human weight on it, so by giving everyone, huge, big or small the capability in seating and using the toilet. It’s also made durable, so as to accommodate the regular daily trips we all make to the bathroom each day throughout the years.

One of the main reasons most make use of a plastic toilet seat is its ease of cleaning. A plastic toilet seat is easy and fast to clean, with a little water, bleach, or detergent of your choice one could easily clean off stains or other dirt on it. A tissue or a wet towel could be easily used to wipe off water on it, making it fast to clean.

However, making use of a wooden toilet seat, though not popular as that of using a plastic seat are also becoming a norm now. Wood toilet seat provides you with a much warmer seat and does finish off the look, style and preference of a bathroom spectacularly.

The wood toilet seat is much appreciated by individuals looking to create a more traditional but modernized look of a bathroom with a molded wood toilet seat or simply love the design a wood toilet seat adds to a bathroom. Wood toilet seats are often thick and study in use.

Wood Toilet Seat

The thickness of the wood adds a sort of comfortability to it once seated on, its smooth and appealing nature adds to its comfortability. But it is to know, wooden toilet seats do eventually degrade due to a high moisture in a bathroom.

They are also made out of four pieces which also tend to separate as time passes by, and the reason why they are not that common is due to the fact that they are really expensive in the making and hence do tend to cost a lot as compared with the plastic.

Again, Choosing the material that is best for your toilet seat, being it plastic or wood will highly depend on the kind of preference you have and which makes you more comfortable.

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