4 Great Makeover Ideas for Your Back Yard

One of the greatest things about living in your own home is having a back yard. With a great back yard, you can come home from work, sitting under your favorite tree, and let the stress of the day melt away. During these stress-relieving sessions under the oak tree, you may notice a few things you’d like to change in your old back yard. It’s easy to know that you’d like a change, but it isn’t always easy to know what to change. Here are a few ideas to get you started in renovating your back yard.

Plant Apple Trees

Imagine going out your back door, walking to an apple tree that you planted, and grabbing a sweet and juicy apple. Organic fruit in the supermarket is expensive, but with a couple of apple trees, you can get a couple bushels, with the right trees, for free every year. Getting a bunch of apples from trees you just planted may take quite a few years to achieve, and you may be a little more impatient than that. Buying mature trees is an option. Some apple trees grow to a relatively small size, which makes them perfect for getting in an apple-producing state. Dwarf trees grow to a maximum of 10 feet tall and produce full-sized apples. Many species of apples are available from dwarf trees, such as granny smith, golden delicious, red delicious, and many others.

Install a Playset for the Kids

It is harder than ever to get your children out of the house to play outdoors. It seems like every kid has five electronic devices taking all their time. Installing a safe playset for your backyard is one of the easiest ways to get your kids outside. Having fun options available to the kids is essential in getting them off of their cellphones and tablets. Not only are you going to create a fun activity for the kids, but you’ll also make the property more attractive to prospective families when you want to sell your home.

Lay a Brick Patio

Grass is lovely, but sometimes you need a spot to set up the furniture. A table and chairs need a flat surface to sit upon, and brick is perfect here. A brick patio is a relatively easy and affordable backyard upgrade and provides an ideal location for family events. A brick patio is a job the average DIYer can tackle without much trouble and will last many years. The brick will require very little maintenance.

Plant Flowers along the Back Fence

If you have a tall wooden fence along the back of your property, you could be looking at a mass of ugly wood. Instead, plant flowers along the fence to give the space a more intimate and organic look. With flowers, you can plant perennial ferns that will need very little maintenance. The ferns can cover the base of the fence while larger plants can cover the top. Sunflowers are an excellent option for this, and they are perennial so that they will come back year after year.

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