4 Things Most Window Replacement Companies Will Never Reveal To You

If you own a home, then there’s a possibility that you’ve either purchased or considered purchasing a window.

The sad thing is there are few bigger scams taking place in the home improvement industry when compared to the ones that take place in the window replacement companies on a daily basis.

4 Things Most Window Replacement Companies Will Never Reveal To You

In this article, we would be discussing the things window replacement companies would rather keep a secret.

Hang on here; you’ll get to know 4 secrets they don’t want you to know.

They Give Sales Representations Instead Of Estimates

When you’ve decided to get new windows and you call the window replacement companies to get a quote, rather than giving you an estimate based on the quality you’re looking for and the number, they give you no information over the phone.

The reason why they do this is simply because it’s a better idea for them to have you over and try to convince you to pay a high price tag after they must have given you the quote you requested for.

If you want to be sure about how reputable the company is, it’s the rate at which you get a response.

For instance, if you call to ask for a quote, they should be able to give you an estimate over the phone.

It’s also important that you make inquiries regarding how long it takes for you to schedule anything or if an in-home estimate is necessary.

Window Profits Are Remarkable

Have you ever sat down and wondered how you landed the contact of the window replacement company you have in your possession right now?

If your answer lies in an advert you saw then there is a problem. The reason why this is an issue is that an average window company invests about $1000 a customer on advertising.

Window Profits Are Remarkable

Now, with this kind of investment in place do you think they’d run at a loss or not have chances of recovering their money? The answer is NO!

Instead, you represent their chances of getting back their every penny they’ve put out to get you. They do this by increasing the price of their windows three or four times above the cost.

They May Not Give You Options

When it comes to windows, there are varieties ranging from performance, brands, and styles.

But you’d observe that some companies would rather convince you into buying a window that may not be your choice and practically deprive you of making your choice from other options.

Hence, you end up purchasing the option they made available instead of what you wanted.

Giving References Could Be a Difficult Task

These days, it’s pretty much easy for you to bump into testimonials of so many people that have no last name on a company’s website.

If you have stopped for a minute to think about it, you’d find that most of the people are “not real customers” in the first place.

In window companies, you’d observe that they can hardly give you any reference which is weird.

After all, if they did such a good job, giving you references shouldn’t be an issue.

Wrapping Up

Falling for the gimmicks and tricks of window replacement companies is a thing of the past with what you know now.

When you want to buy a window, it’s best to approach them with caution and ask for the prices and choices you prefer for your home.

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