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The use of a central vacuum system for one’s home cleaning, though very helpful can also be stressful in dealing with it and its maintainers. The structure and integration of a central vacuum system is complex and hence each tool plays a vital role for the whole system to work efficiently. One of these tool is the central vacuum inlet.

Central Vacuum Inlet 101

The role of a central vacuum inlet, is to connect the pipe lines and tubes to the hose and power unit itself. The inlets of a central vacuum are normally universal with two screws, four inches apart and a one-half inch of diameter hole. They come in varieties of color and are easily replaceable, however two inlets are the mostly used in a central vacuum system. These two are the universal inlet and the direct connect hose inlet.

The universal hose inlet is also known as a low-volt or corded inlet. Is rectangular in shape and a 3” wide by 5” tall. The inlet door is round shaped and usually mounted directly to the plate. There is a cover placed right on the inlet door as a way to cover it from foreign materials entering when not in use. Once this cover has been lifted, you did see the hose inlet which is measured at 1.5” inside diameter. With this type of inlet, they are used in homes that are more into a normal day to day cleaning and are good for easy fixing of the hose as all you did have to do is hold firmly on to the edge of your hose and push it fixed to the inlet. Universal hose inlets can be used with low-volt, dual voltage and a no -volt system however direct connect dual-volt hoses will not fit.

Central Vacuum Inlet

The direct connect hose inlet on the other hand is kind of similar to the universal when it comes to overall size and diameter. It was invented to replace the extra cord required to deliver high voltage in the attempt to achieve effective cleaning.

It is named direct connect because of is one-step connection, as it is only plugged in to your vacuum hose to connect all three connections being the suction, high voltage, and low voltage for the power to brush. The direct connect inlet does come in two configurations. From Hayden, it is known as super valve, and from vaculine it is known as Electra valve, both operate and function in the same way with the only difference being how high its voltage wire is installed to the inlet.

Among the two main types comes an inlet called white oval door central vacuum inlet. These inlet is simple in opening up or down and are secured to the backing plate in the wall with two screws. The oval door central vacuum inlet is all now with modern smooth finish and no longer with the vertical line finish. This gives one an easy fixing of hose and flexibility of movement when cleaning.

Inlet Is Simple in Opening Up or Down

You might be wondering, are all central vacuum inlets the same? Well the answer to such a question is a big no. Central vacuum inlets as said early are of different sizes, shapes and now available to your preferences. This different sizes and shapes of central vacuum inlets are all because of the different sizes of the hose’s that will be plugged to them.

Without a good installation of a central vacuum inlet, one will not be able to achieve any cleaning in his or her house. Central vacuum inlets do come in different varieties, shapes and colors, so it will be best in finding out the type of voltage you are using in your home or apartment and the type of inlet you did want for your hose and powerhead before doing any buying or installing. There are a lot of central vacuum inlet’s that one can easily find to buy on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and other big e-commence website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Install Central Vacuum Wall Inlet?

In order to install a central vacuum wall inlet, you will need to first remove the existing wall coverings and insulation. You can then drill holes in the drywall that are large enough for the flexible ducting supplied with your central vacuum system. Make sure not to make any cuts or holes in behind electrical boxes or switches.

Next, run the flexible ducting up through one of the drilled holes and out through another hole nearby. Secure it with screws at both ends so it can’t slam against walls or move around during operation.

What Is Wall Inlet?

Wall Inlet is a small inlet located on the south coast of Newfoundland. It forms part of the Gulf Stream, which helps to keep North America warm by transporting warm water from west to east. The Strait of Belle Isle separates Wall Inlet from St. John’s Harbour, and is also known as Queen Charlotte Sound because it separates Queen Charlotte Island (in British Columbia) from Prince Edward Island.

Where Does the Central Vacuum Go?

It depends on the specific make and model of central vacuum cleaner that you have. However, in general, the central vacuum cleaner goes where the air ducts go in your home. This means that it will likely be placed in areas like the hallway, living room, and bedrooms.

Are Central Vacuum Wall Inlets Universal?

Wall inlets that connect to central vacuum systems are not universal. They are made specifically for certain types of central vacuum systems and may not work with other types.

If you need a wall outlet that connects to a central vacuum system, be sure to speak with the manufacturer of your specific system before making a purchase.

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