What is Central Vacuum Pipe & What’re The Uses?

The use of a central vacuum system in the cleaning of houses is being greatly embraced in private homes, restaurants, condominiums and hotels. The system gives these bodies the flexibility and reliability of being able to clean dirt, debris of cookies and biscuits spread out in the sofa or the carpet and dust all around the house. With a central vacuum system, one does not have to worry on the constant stopping and emptying of dust pans, as it is with a normal vacuum cleaner. This hassle of emptying dust pans every now and then made the use of Central vacuum system popular.

What is Central Vacuum Pipe

As it is centrally wired in a building or apartment, a central vacuum system collects debris, dust and others that are vacuumed from a room of a building or a section or a condominium to one designated place, which is mostly placed in basement, garages or storage rooms. This debris, dirt and dust that are vacuumed passes through pipes or tubing installed inside the walls or channeled through the ceiling of a room. The finding and installation of a central vacuum pipe is an essential factor in the establishing of a central vacuum system at one’s home.

There are three pipe options that are recommended in the installation of a central vacuum system. These are the plumbing pipe (40 PVC), Vacuum Tubing and Flexible Hose. Each pipe is designed purposely for an installation of a central vacuum system and highly capable in working as a passage for dirt, derbies and dust to pass through to the collection container.

When you did like to make use of a flexible Hose as a pipe for the setting up of your central vacuum system, it is to know that it is only used within first few feet of VacPan locations to allow more accurate installation capabilities and is available in two styles, first one being a vinyl material with a wire reinforcement and the second being a more rigid PVC Material. With this kind of pipe being used in the making of a central vacuum system it gives an installer the flexibility of just cutting short pieces of the flexible tube any time installation requires a bend. This in tend to be a cost saving technique as it will take a professional in the fixing of a central vacuum system.

central vacuum pipe

The use of Plumbing pipe as a way of installing a central vacuum system will be the cheapest way an individual would want. The installation of such pipes for a centralized system would include standard plumbing pipe, which are mostly known for the construction of homes waste pipe line and even water pipe lines.

 Most people tend to make use of this type of pipe lining for the establishing of a central vacuum system because of it can be easily found in local hardware and plumbing shops and are not expensive.

Vacuum Tubing on the other hand is designed specifically for the central vacuum industry and designed fully and follows the strict guidelines established by the American Standard of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Ruling F2158. It was Developed purposely for the fixing and running of a central vacuum system hence has the ability and durability in making sure all your dirt, debris and others are all sent in a safe and reliable way. This is the main reason why most states in the United States of America have adopted this as a part of the uniform building code (UBC).

Upon knowing which pipe, you did like to purchase for the installation of a central vacuum system, the next question that comes to mind is where to buy central vacuum piping? eBay, Alibaba and other e-commerce giants are the right places to check for the purchasing of your pipe line. And is extremely recommend the use of a suitable and recommend vacuum pipe in the installation of a central vacuum system.

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