How to Build a Closet in a Mobile Home

I’m going to show you how to build a closet in a mobile home so that you can have more space for storage! The steps are simple and easy. First, measure the area where you want your shelf or closet. Then, figure out how deep it should be. Measure that as well.

Closet in Mobile Home

Now that you know the dimensions of your space buy materials from Home Depot or Lowes, or any other store. If that’s what you’re doing, drywall screws, screws with washers, anchors if needed, ladder hooks depending on what kind of rod is being hung up, etc., and paint/stain if desired.

It only takes one person about an hour to do this project! Of course, you can use a power drill or a screw gun to make this go much faster. There are plenty of guides out there on how to build a closet in a mobile home.

Step to Follow on How to Build a Closet in a Mobile Home

Step One: Cut a Hole

Cut a hole in the wall of the mobile home using a radial arm saw. This is done by attaching a circular blade to the radial arm saw and tracing an outline of your desired shape on the wall. The mobile home should have studs running perpendicular to the floor joists, so cut through these first before attempting to cut through the walls.

Cut a Hole

Cut all the way around except for an inch or so of space on one of the traced lines. This is done because you will need to insert a piece of wood inside this square to attach boards and keep them square while nailed. Then, saw through the studs and repeated for the opposite side of the hole.

Step Two: Build Boxes

Build two side boxes by attaching the cut-out pieces to one side of the square and attaching boards to three sides. Make sure that the boards are attached flush with each other. Once this is finished, slide one of your closet rods through these boxes. The rod should be able to move freely up and down in the boxes.

If it does not, try to figure out what went wrong and fix it before moving on. Once it moves up and down freely, attach the top and bottom of the box. Once you have two identical boxes that slide horizontally and vertically, you can begin building the back and front of the closet.

Step Three: Build the Back and Front Pieces

Using two same-size boards, attach them to one long piece of wood. Do this by connecting the smaller boards with a drill and screws. Affix these boxes flush with each other and create the back and front pieces for your closet. The width should be about two inches less than the width of your closet rod.

Build the Back and Front Pieces

The depth should be enough that it matches up to the length of your mobile home wall. Two inches will also need to be cut off from each side for a total depth of four inches less than one longboard. Once this is done, attach another board horizontally by screwing it onto these box boards.

Step Four: Place the Back and Front

Once these boards are attached, measure to make sure that they are plumb. If they are not, then use a level to check them both at the very top and bottom. Nail or screw into place when you have finished making sure they are straight.

Also, fill in any gaps with wood filler, and apply a coat of paint to the front if you desire. Once this is finished, attach these pieces to the wall of your mobile home. Next, pre-drill holes through the top and bottom boards into your studs, then nail both the front and back in place using three-inch nails.

Step Five: Attach the Shelves

Finally, attach your shelves to the top of the boards. This can be done with either a drill and screws or by using liquid nail adhesive. A liquid nails adhesive will work better because it is stronger than screwing in place, but if you are concerned about messiness, feel free to use liquid nails on the bottom of the board and attach it to the top like before.

Attach the Shelves

Once you’ve done this, you will have successfully created a mobile home closet. The bottom of your rods will slide right into the boxes on the back of the front, allowing them to move up and down with ease. Once both are shut, they should be concealed behind one solid piece of wood.

Step Six: Fill in the Gaps

Now that your mobile home closet is complete, you will want to fill in any gaps between boards. Go over every single place where a board meets another board and fill it with wood filler. The idea here is to make sure that no matter where someone looks inside your closet, they can only see empty closet space.

This can be done by filling in these spaces with wood filler and sanding them down. Make sure that the finish is smooth enough to where it won’t be noticeable when you go over it with whatever type of paint or varnish you intend to use on your finished product. This will help in how to build a closet in a mobile home.

Step Seven: Finish

After your closet is filled in, you can go over it with whatever type of wood stain or paint you would like to use. Then, give the front and back a final coat of primer if needed, and apply as many coats as needed until the final product looks as good as desired.

Attach the handles and clothes rods included with your mobile home closet kit, and you will have successfully built a mobile home closet. All you have to do now is install it and fill it with your clothes and other accessories.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is the Average Cost for a Custom Closet?

The average cost for a custom closet is $2,500. The average cost for a custom closet includes the following:

  • Designing and building your customized wardrobe with up to 20 hangers.
  • Installation of all shelving units with drawers and doors in any color or finish you choose.
  • Up to 10 wire shelves that can be built in any configuration you desire.
  • Custom hardware such as handles, pulls, knobs, hinges, tracks, etc.
  • The installation of lighting fixtures or outlets if desired (optional).

Do Built in Closets Add Value?

Built-in closets are a great way to add value to your home. They can be used for storage or as extra living space.

The best built-in closets will have:

  • A door that opens and closes smoothly.
  • A strong frame that won’t sag over time, especially if you live in an area with high humidity.
  • Built-in shelving so you don’t need to buy any additional shelves or racks.
  • Storage space of at least 18 cubic feet (1 foot deep).

Does Adding a Closet to a Room Make It a Bedroom?

No, adding a closet to a room does not make it a bedroom. A bedroom is defined as an area of the house where people sleep or spend time. There are three main rooms in the average home: The living room, dining room, and bedroom.


A mobile home is an excellent option for people looking to downsize, and we hope you will find our blog post informative! Also, if you have any questions about the process of building a closet in your mobile home, please let us know.

We’re happy to help out with this project or any other question that may come up during your DIY work on your new residence. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to build a closet in a mobile home.

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