How to Clean Jetboil Burner

Jetboil has been a leading brand in the outdoor cooking industry for over 30 years. The Jetboil company was founded by two engineers who developed their stoves after being disappointed with other products on the market. Their product turned out to be so popular that they started manufacturing and selling them, and now their stoves are sold worldwide! 

How to Clean Jetboil Burner

Jetboils have many great features, but one problem you may notice is that it’s difficult to clean your burner when things get dirty from cooking food or boiling water inside your pot. This blog post will teach you how to clean jetboil burner using common household items like vinegar and dish soap! In addition, here are some helpful tips: Remove any excess debris from inside the burner.

Step by Step Guide on How to Clean Jetboil Burner

Step One: Take Apart the Burner From the Jetboil System

The first step in cleaning a jetboil is to take it entirely apart. To do this, press the button on top of the burner that releases the fuel line from the base. Be sure to have a paper towel handy to catch any excess fuel that might come out, then set the jetboil aside.

The First Step in Cleaning a Jetboil

Step Two:  Get Your Supplies Ready

Items needed: 1 tablespoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of dish soap, a toothbrush (not the one you use for your teeth), and some rubbing alcohol. You can substitute other liquids if you choose. For example, some people prefer vinegar or lemon juice. Please do not use bleach because it will pit the metal parts of the jetboil.

Step Three: Put the Burner in a Pan

Put the burner you just took apart into an old pan, something you aren’t concerned about damaging. Pour your soap and baking soda mixture on it. Make sure to use enough so that it completely covers the bottom of the jetboil stove. Use hot water if needed to ensure that the ends of the jets are submerged.

Step Four: Let It Sit for a While

Leave the burner in your solution overnight. This will help break up any burnt-on residue and make it easier to clean off with a toothbrush. Jetboil recommends leaving it in there for one hour, and if you don’t want to leave it overnight, that is fine too – ensure that the burner is completely submerged.

Step Five: Scrub With a Toothbrush

After the burner has been in the soapy baking soda solution for a while, take it out and use a toothbrush to scrub off any remaining residue. Ensure you have rinsed off all the soap and baking soda before rubbing alcohol or other solvents to clean off the burner.

Step Six: Dry and Reassemble Jetboil Stove

Allow it to air dry for a while before you attempt to put it back together. If any parts need additional cleaning, use an old toothbrush and rubbing alcohol to get in between the crevices until you don’t see any more residue coming out. Once you are done, put the pieces together and store them in a safe place.

Dry and Reassemble Jetboil Stove

Step Seven: Don’t Forget to Clean Your Pot

Jetboil has a helpful video on cleaning the inside of your cooking vessel, but all you need is some soap and water. They recommend using some steel wool to get in between the cracks and remove any burnt-on residue. Ensure everything is rinsed thoroughly before taking it out on another adventure.

You don’t want to have food particles stuck in the nooks and crannies of your pot because they can melt onto other things you put inside it. Now that everything has been taken care of, all you need to do is fire up your stove and enjoy your hot meal! Just make sure you wait until everything has dried completely before using it.

Step Eight: Enjoy Your Clean and Shiny Jetboil

I hope that this article helped you learn how to clean a jetboil. It’s easy if you use the right supplies and can be done in one evening.  Ensure you’ve reviewed all the instructions and cleaned everything as thoroughly as possible. Then, you can enjoy your jetboil for many more camping trips! If you want to learn more about how to clean jetboil burner, keep reading.

How Long Does Jetboil Take to Boil Water?

Jetboil products, such as the Flash, Sol, and Zip backpacking stoves, have a unique burner design among other camping stoves. The stove’s burner sits nearly flat to the ground, enabling it to conserve fuel and reduce boiling time.

The Jetboil Flash has a boil time of two minutes for one liter of water, and the Jetboil Zip has a boil time of two minutes and 30 seconds. Thus, for example, boiling one liter of water in a Jetboil Flash takes about 2:02 with the assistance of pre-heated water from an extra source such as snow or cold lake water.

How Do I Clean the Jets on My Gas Stove?

Many gas stoves have jets similar to those on a jet engine.  The gas flow rate decreases when they become clogged, and the flame may burn unstably.  A clogged jet also means that the burner head is not securely fastened to the burner base, and it can fall off while cooking.

Many Gas Stoves Have Jets That Are Similar

In order to prevent these problems from happening, you should clean the jets regularly. The best way to do this is to use compressed air propellant gas. To use it, you will need a special can for compressed air and a propellant gun or pour the compressed air into the fuel tank of your stove.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Jet Boil Fuel Canisters Refillable?

Yes, JetBoil fuel canisters are refillable. The JetBoil fuel canister is made of titanium and aluminum with a screw-on cap that makes it easy to fill up the tank. It has a capacity of 18.6 ounces (560 ml) and an average burn time of 3 hours.

Can You Use Coleman Fuel in A Jet Boil?

The Coleman fuel is a liquid that can be used in any type of stove. However, you cannot use it in a JetBoil because the Coleman fuel has an open flame while the JetBoil boils water on demand.

So, if you want to use the Coleman fuel with your JetBoil, then you need to purchase an adapter that converts the fluid into a vapor.

Where to Buy Jetboil Fuel

There are many different places to buy jetboil fuel. One of the best places is on Amazon.

Amazon has a wide range of products, and it is one of the most popular online stores in the world, with millions of customers worldwide.

How Many Times Can You Use a Jetboil?

You can use your Jetboil for up to 5 times before it needs to be re-filled with fuel. The amount of time you have until the next refill depends on how much fuel you use but is typically anywhere from 8 hours – 24 hours.


If you want to make sure that your Jetboil burner is clean and clear of any dirt or debris, it’s essential to know how to do this properly. So let’s go over the steps one by one! First up, pour a pot of water on the burner until it has completely covered all parts of the stovetop.

Now allow for some time so the water can fully boil off before pouring out whatever remains there. Next, use an old toothbrush with soap and scrub away at anything remaining on top of the burner’s surface, being careful not to get too close as this could result in burns if touched directly. In comparison, this article was mainly about how to clean jetboil burner.

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