How to Introduce Cats in a Small Apartment

Cats are an excellent addition to any household, but sometimes you don’t have the space. For example, if you live in a small apartment, giving your cat plenty of room for running and playing can be difficult. Learn how to introduce cats in a small apartment with these tips that will help keep your furry friend happy and healthy!

Cats in a Small Apartment

Cats Need Space to Run and Play

When cats are at home, they need somewhere safe for them to play. If you do not have the space, it can be difficult for your cat to get their full exercise requirements. A bored cat can become destructive or may hurt themselves trying to find something to entertain themselves.

Why Introduce Cats in a Small Apartment?

If your apartment is small, you may not have the space to keep a cat. This doesn’t mean that you can never own one, though! If you are living in an apartment temporarily, introducing cats in a small apartment is the best solution for your situation. It will allow your cat to get the exercise and playtime they need until you are in a bigger space.

Ways on How to Introduce Cats in a Small Apartment

Way 1: Introduce the Cats

If you have time, introducing your cat to other cats may be an option. If not, then there are other ways that you can still learn how to introduce cats in a small apartment.

Introduce the Cats

In order to keep introductions safe and stress-free for both parties, follow these three steps when introducing two cats:

  • First, put the cats in separate rooms.
  • Then, give your cat a high-value treat like tuna or salmon to make them happy.
  • Gradually give access to both cats simultaneously, but continue to monitor them for up to an hour. Then, if things go well, you can leave them unsupervised.

If your cats are okay with each other, you can let them have free access to the home.

Way 2: A Cat Tree in a Small Apartment

Cat trees allow cats to get the exercise they need while also having fun. An indoor cat tree offers a great place for your cat to play and climb.

A Cat Tree in a Small Apartment

This way, you can easily introduce cats in a small apartment because the cat tree will provide them with an outlet for their energy. You can also find creative ways to allow your cat to explore other parts of the house by hanging toys and teasers on various spots on the carpeted post. This way, all areas of your home are open for access and can provide hours of fun for your cat.

Way 3: Cat Toys in a Small Apartment

If you do not have the space for an indoor play area, you can invest in some awesome cat toys to keep them happy. There are plenty of awesome options available that will help give your cat lots of playtime without sacrificing any space in your home.

Way 4: Cat Litter Boxes in a Small Apartment

Where you place, the litter box is important to your cat. Take some time to find out where they want it placed and even invest in a covered litter box for added privacy.

You can also use the same trick that you would use for introducing cats. Place one of their favorite treats near the litter box. This way, the litter box will become their new favorite place!

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Way 5: Scratching Posts in a Small Apartment

Your cat may find it difficult to scratch at the post if you place it inside. Instead, place scratching posts along your apartment wall. Cat trees and other climbing options can also provide places for them to scratch at their heart’s content.

Scratching Posts in a Small Apartment

If you try these tips, but they still don’t seem to work, then you may need to think of ways on how to introduce cats in a small apartment before bringing your cat home. Of course, this is not always ideal, so try your best to come up with the perfect solution.

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Tips and Warnings


  • Do not leave your cat unattended at first.
  • Do not pick up the cats when they are fighting. This could escalate their aggression towards each other.
  • If you are placing two litter boxes, make sure that they are in different areas of the house.
  • Make sure to clean the litter box frequently!
  • Make sure to keep their food and water bowls separate from each other.
  • When you are introducing cats, don’t place the litter box in the room where they will be together. Place it somewhere else.
  • If your cat is not using their litter box, then take them to the vet to make sure that there isn’t an underlying medical problem.


  • Be extremely careful making introductions between a pet and a new mate. Cats can be very territorial, especially if they have already established an area within your home.
  • Be extremely careful making introductions between a pet and a new mate. Cats can be very territorial, especially if they have already established an area within your home.
  • Do not leave them alone until you are sure that they will get along.
  • Do not make the mistake of thinking that your cat does not need to exercise.
  • If your cats do start fighting, put a leash on one or both of them and take them into separate rooms.
  • Do not leave your cat alone with another pet if you know that they did fight in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cats Do Ok in Small Apartments?

As the conditions and lifestyle of your cat will play a big role in how it fares in a small apartment. That being said, some general tips that may be helpful include:

1. Keep your cat’s environment as clean and comfortable as possible – This will help to keep your cat happy and healthy.

2. Provide plenty of toys and activities – Your cat will need something to do when it’s not exploring its surroundings. Toys can be specially made for small apartments or purchased at a pet store, and activities like scratching posts or wubbas can provide hours of enjoyment for your kitty.

3. Make sure you have a backup plan – If things don’t go according to plan, you’ll need a backup plan for caring for your cat. This could include using a pet sitter or taking your cat to a boarding facility when you’re away from home.

Where Do You Put a Cat Litter Box in a Small Apartment?

It is important to have a place for your cat to go when he or she needs to use the bathroom. While some people choose to put their litter box in the same area as their human’s bedroom, this can be problematic if you live in a small space. Additionally, it is not hygienic for cats and may cause problems down the road.

A better solution might be placing the litter box in an area where your cat has access to all fours (such as near a window). This way, they will have easy access when they need to go and won’t track unwanted dirt and debris throughout your home. Finally, always make sure that the location of the litter box is accessible so that you don’t have to search high and low for your feline friend!

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

When it comes to choosing a litter box, most cats seem to prefer open boxes over closed ones. This is likely because an open box allows the cat more freedom to move around and find its way outside if needed. Additionally, adding fresh litter every time you change the bag ensures that there are no odors present in the house.

Closed boxes may be useful for overnight guests or when you need to keep your cat confined during certain periods of the day (like when you’re at work). However, studies have shown that cats rarely use them and instead poop in corners or on surfaces near their food dishes. So unless you absolutely require a closed box, stick with an open one!

Can Cats Find Their Litter Box if You Move It?

Yes, cats can find their litter box if it’s move locations. However, they may have difficulty using the new spot initially. As long as you keep the old and new litter boxes close to each other for a few days so that your cat gets used to them both, he or she should be able to use the new one without any problems.


You can introduce a cat to your small apartment by following these steps. First, make sure you have food, water, and litter in the space before bringing home the new kitty companion. Take time during each day for bonding with your furry friend when they are adjusting to their unique living situation. Remember that cats need plenty of attention from humans, so make time for playtime or snuggles on the couch every day! Finally, give them lots of love because it will help them adjust to life in an even smaller space.

If you follow these steps and your cat still does not like their small space, then you may need to think about finding a new home for one of them before giving them too much stress. It is important that both pets in the household are happy and healthy! I hope you enjoyed this article on how to introduce cats in a small apartment! Be sure to SHARE this useful information with everyone you know! Thanks for reading!

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