How to Keep Dog Toys From Going Under Couch

Many pet owners have found that the best way to keep dog toys from going under the couch is to place them on top of it. This can be especially true with larger dogs who can knock over smaller items. However, there are some other options for those who want something a little more sturdy or don’t have room for this option.

You may try installing hooks on the wall near the couch so you can hang up any favorite toy when you’re not using it, or even just placing a few small objects next to each other to create an obstacle course your dog will love navigating; through! This post is about how to keep dog toys from going under couch.

Step to Follow on How to Keep Dog Toys From Going Under Couch

Step One: Get Doggy to Notice

First, you need to get your dog’s attention. They are probably attracted more immediately by the noise of the falling toy, but they do not associate it with danger or bother. If you want them to notice that they can’t play near the couch, there are a few methods one may try to get their attention.

Then, make some sound by tapping your foot on the ground, clapping your hands together, or even just calling out their name. They may look around to see what is making the noise, hopefully looking at you in the process. You can then follow up by giving them a treat they are especially fond of.

Step Two: Retrieve the Toy

If you are trying to stop playing with their toy, it is best not to finish chewing or playing with it. Therefore, it would help if you tried to grab hold of the dog’s collar while he has an end in his mouth. But, first, remove the dog’s attention from the toy by having him look at you.

Once this happens, you can then take hold of the collar. This will not be very comfortable for your dog, but it is necessary so that he does not run off with his toy. In some cases, they might drop the toy from pain or discomfort when you grab their collar.

Step Three: Give a Command

Once you have the toy in your hand, use it as a way of showing that they can’t play on or near the couch. You should then give them commands such as dropping and presenting the toy next to your body so they know what is expected.

Give a Command

Give them their treat at this time, too. Once you have done this, you can set the toy on the ground after folding it in half several times. This is so they do not see where the treat comes from and think it is associated with playing near or under furniture. In this article, you will read how to keep dog toys from going under couch.

Step Four: Repeat

It would help if you tried to repeat the process anytime your dog gets near or under furniture. The goal is to show them that it is not okay to chew on their toys near the couch. Your dog will learn what it can and cannot do if you continue this practice.

Use these steps as a guide, but remember that every dog has its personality. If the process does not work, you may need to try something more suitable for your situation. For example, dog toys are great additions to any dog-owning household; however, they can also be potentially dangerous if they go under or near couches or other places where dogs cannot reach them due to height.

Step Five: Make Sure Dog Toys are Easily Accessible

Although this article is meant to help with the problem of toys under couches, it can also be applied in general terms. It is essential that you often replace the dog’s toys, so they do not have any chance of being misplaced. Try putting them in a storage container near where your dog sleeps so they can have easy access.

Make Sure Dog Toys Are Easily Accessible

In addition, putting them in a storage container will keep them from being thrown around if your dog is not gentle when playing with toys or trying to chew on them. This way, you will save money because you will not have to replace the toys as often, and none of them will get lost under furniture where your dog cannot reach.

Step Six: Try to Find the Source of Problem

If your dog is getting under or near furniture to chew on his toys, you will need to find out why he is doing so. First, try looking for signs that may reveal what could be causing this behavior. For example, if your dog is not well-groomed, his coat may be too thick, which could prevent him from seeing the toys.

If he does not have an excellent place to sleep or play, he might seek more comfortable areas like under couches. If you notice that your dog has any of these issues, try to fix the problem by using some of the solutions outlined in this article.

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Step Seven: Always Give Them Toys to Chew On

You might think that your dog only chews on his toys when he is bored or wants attention, but dogs chew on their toys part-way through playing with them. Therefore, having plenty of chewable substitutes available is essential, so they don’t have to dig under furniture for them.

Give Them Toys to Chew on

If you know your dog’s favorite toys, replacing these with softer alternatives can also be beneficial. This will not only help if he tries to chew on his toy while playing with it but can also act as a substitute when he chews on off-limits things. In addition, this will help in how to keep dog toys from going under couch.

Step Eight: Keep Toy in Motion at All Times

If your dog can easily pick up a toy and walk around with it in her mouth, she will be less tempted to chew on it when tired or sleeping. Fortunately, several toys can be thrown easily and have a high bounce, so your dog will always be occupied with them.

These include flying discs, balls made from a rubber material, and squeaky toys. They will provide your dog with hours of entertainment while also preventing her from chewing on her toys near furniture. If your dog is not interested in these types of toys, you can find ones that are more suited to their preferences by searching online.

Step Nine: Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Enough Exercise

If lounge areas are too comfortable for your dog, try to take him outside more frequently. The more exercise he gets, the less likely he will be to root around for toys under furniture when he is feeling tired. He will also have a healthier sleeping pattern and, therefore, less of a chance of trying to hole up under furniture if he goes to bed early.

Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Enough Exercise

If you find that your dog is still trying to get under furniture to play with his toys, it might be a good idea to take him for a walk around the block more frequently and spend some time playing with him. Likewise, if your dog seems restless inside the house, let him outside and give him a good workout.

Step Ten: Have Your Dog’s Toys Moistened

If your dog is chewing on his toys, this could be because of health problems. Dogs sometimes develop a dry mouth and will not be able to feel toys with their teeth. If you notice your dog having trouble picking up and carrying his toy, try putting some water on it so he can get the toy in his mouth.

If you notice that your dog chews on his toy infrequently while playing, this could be because it is simply dry and uncomfortable for him. Try putting some water on the toys to make them more appealing. These steps should help you in learning how to keep dog toys from going under couch.

Step Eleven: Keep Your Dog’s Toys in One Place

As you might notice, dogs sometimes play with the same toy repeatedly. This means that they prefer to keep this toy nearby always to be available when they want to play. So if your dog has a favorite toy and he likes playing with it near furniture or under couches, try moving it to a more accessible area.

If your dog’s toys are kept in an easily accessible space, he will be much less likely to go looking for them under furniture or anywhere else that they might be challenging to find. As well as this, moving the toys guarantees that you do not forget where you put them and leaves no chance of your dog getting to them when you are not looking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Dogs Push Toys Under Furniture?

This Behavior That Most Dogs Exhibit; maybe because they are bored or want to play with something.

One of the most common reasons why dogs push toys under furniture is when they are unable to find anything else to do. If your dog feels bored and has nothing else to do, he will search for something new to occupy his time.

Another reason why dogs might push their toys under furniture is that they think human doesn’t want them to have them.

How Do I Keep the Dog Off the Couch?

There are many ways to keep the dog off the couch. The first thing that comes into mind is using a shock collar which can be bought online or at pet stores.

The second option is using a citronella spray which dogs hate, and it has been proven to work for keeping your dog away from certain areas of your home like couches, beds, etc.

Why Does My Dog Hide Behind the Couch?

If your dog is hiding behind the couch, it could be a few different things. It could be that he’s scared or unsure of what to do. Another reason might be that he thinks there’s something dangerous lurking in the room, and he wants to stay out of sight until it leaves.

A third reason might be that he feels like you’re not paying enough attention to him and is trying to get your attention by being a nuisance, or maybe he wants a cuddle.

You should try talking with your dog more often so they know they are loved, respected, and essential.

What Can I Spray on My Couch to Keep My Dog Off?

Spraying on the couch is not a recommended method of keeping your dog off.

There are many methods of keeping your pet off furniture, but the most effective one is using positive reinforcement. This means rewarding your dog with a treat or toy for staying away from the furniture and giving it praise when it does.

What Scents Deter Dogs?

Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted by animals and humans. These chemicals can be detected by other animals in order to make decisions about whether or not to approach a particular animal.


The best way to keep your dog toys from going under the couch is by using a toy holder. Choose one that mounts on or near the wall so it doesn’t take up valuable floor space. Consider purchasing some chew bones when you’re not home and need to leave Fido alone with his favorite playthings.

But don’t forget about other areas in your house too! Your pup will bury everything he can find if given enough time, from shoes to dirty laundry. Try laying down an area rug in front of the door leading outside, where he’ll likely be tempted to dig while waiting for you to come back inside after potty breaks. The article has been a good guide on how to keep dog toys from going under couch

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