How to Keep Sanding Belt Clean?

Working with a sanding belt that requires frequent usage and needs to be efficient and accurate in the job it does, will also mean making sure it’s clean and well kept. Now there are a lot out there that might ask the question how to keep a sanding belt clean, cause to them, it is just another machine that does not require any sort of cleaning. If you are part of that group, then it is time you know the truth and learn how to keep your sanding belt clean. Since the sanding belts are mostly expensive to just toss out every time it looks clogged with wood dust, the best method and economical way will be to clean it. In-fact there is a belt sander cleaner that can be acquired so as to aid one in keeping the sanding belt clean. One could easily purchase these cleaner at the hardware store and are mostly not very expensive.

How to Keep Sanding Belt Clean

Cleaning sanding belts can be a great worth of one’s time if they are prematurely loaded while sanding something soft. Cleaning your belt also makes it usually sharp and abrasive which in tend will enhance its performance. Even though one could clean his or her sanding belt, attempting to clean an abrasive belt which has gone through some heavy-duty sanding, such as sanding of hardwoods or ferrous metals will be of no use. Belt that have gone through such heavy sanding has already been diminished and will never be that much of a tool anymore to achieve an effective sanding.

There are indeed so many ways in which one can attempt in cleaning his or her belt. Below are various ways one could pick:

1.Cleaning stick or the belt sander cleaner: With this, all you need to do is get a cleaning stick or what is called the belt sander cleaner from any supermarket or hardware store, there are mostly not expensive and ranges within 5 to 8 dollars. They are mostly in a form of a giant eraser which can easily clean away resins and wood particles on the belt. The cleaner is held firmly against the moving belt or disc as it cleans it off dust and does not make use of any solutions.

Clean Sand Belt With Giant Eraser

2.Pressure washing/Chemical cleaner: Well this kind of method entails high amount of precaution in its usage. Solutions such as the simple green, the non-toxic, environmental safe product most cabinet shops use can be purchased and used as a cleaner for your sanding belt. However, do make sure your sanding belt is 100 % poly backing and 100 % waterproof when you decide to make use of this method as if no precaution is used could stretch your belt and lose its shape. Also make sure to do the cleaning while your sanding belt is standing or inclined and not lying flat. A minimum of 2 to 5 days is required in drying it before reusing it. Caution is to be taken to remove and discard the shoelace before beginning so as not to be caught in the running sander.

Cleaning With Chemical Cleaner

3.The old shoe method: This method is as simple as going to your closet and picking out one of your old unused shoes and using it as a cleaner for your sanding belt. The use of this method is highly recommendable as it is cheap and quiet a convenient way of cleaning your sanding belt without having to go buy a new one or buying a belt cleaner. The shoe’s rubbery tread is used to clean the clogged of the sanding belt, while the sander is clamp upside down. You move the shoe from side to side pressing the crepe sole with the sander turned on and running.

The above methods are just a few known ways of how to keep sanding belt clean, however there are other self methods or ways various individuals use in keeping a belt clean. Either way, no matter how you do it the most important and underlying factor is you do know how to clean your sanding belt and you do it with precautions, as dealing with a machine such as that, whereby the belt keeps on running could easily lead to injuries.

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