How to Make Aquarium Filter Quieter

Aquarium filters are supposed to create a healthy living environment for your fish, but they can also be noisy. Making them quieter doesn’t require any special tools or materials, and it’s easy. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to make aquarium filter quieter.

How to Make Aquarium Filter Quieter

First, you need to remove the filter material from the tank (usually some type of sponge), then put something over the opening on the filter. A plastic grocery bag works great. Then take some water, pour it into an empty bucket or container, and slowly pour it back in until the sound is significantly reduced. You’ll want to repeat this process with fresh water about 3-4 times before putting everything back together again.

This will not cause any harm to the fish and is a perfectly safe solution for making your aquarium filter quieter. You can also adjust a few valves that control how much water flows in and out of the tank if you don’t want to go through all the hassle of removing the sponge from inside the filter, but it won’t be nearly as effective.

Why Should Make Aquarium Filter Quieter

Fishkeeping is a very popular hobby, and aquarium filters play a large role in keeping the water clean for aquatic animals. But one of the most common problems with these products is how noisy they can be at times. If you like living near others or if you like sleeping through the night, then making your aquarium filter quiet can be highly beneficial as it will improve the quality of life for you and your fish.

Fishkeeping Is a Very Popular Hobby

Tools Needs

  • A bucket/container
  • A plastic grocery bag
  • Water
  • An adjustable wrench
  • An adjustable plier.

What is an Aquarium filter

An aquarium filter is an essential part of any aquarium because it allows you to maintain good water quality, clean up uneaten food, waste particles, and also other debris so that your fishes can live in a safe & hygienic environment. The most common type of aquarium filter is the hang-on-back (HOB) variety, so this article will discuss how to make a HOB filter quieter.

10 Ways on How to Make Aquarium Filter Quieter

Method 1: Turn Off the Pump

One way to quiet your filter down a bit is to turn it off. This will reduce the amount of noise that comes from the machinery operating, and it’s a pretty simple method as well. Of course, you’ll want to turn on the filter back on when you have company over or if someone needs to sleep in your home, but it’s a good way to make the filter quieter in general.

Turning Off Aquarium Filter Quieter

Method 2: Redirecting the Flow of Water

A lot of aquarium filters come with accessories like spray bars and water diverters that help control and redirect the flow of water as it comes through your tank. If you aren’t using any of those on your current setup, you can add one or two, making your filter much quieter. Although these tools are designed for other purposes, they essentially work the same as a spray nozzle on a hose, which is to reduce how forcefully water comes out of the source to reduce noise.

Method 3: Changing Out the Impeller

This tip won’t work for all types of equipment, but if you have an impeller producing a lot of noise, you should consider changing it out. This part provides the propulsion for water to move through the filter and back into the tank, so changing it will reduce how much noise your filter makes.

Method 4: Remove the Intake Valve

Another way to make your filter quieter is by removing the intake valve. This will not impact how much water is sucked into your tank, but it will reduce how vigorously water enters the filter. But keep in mind that this method is only temporary, and you’ll need to alter other parts of your system if you want to maintain a healthier environment for your fish.

Method 5: Cover the Outlet

This tip won’t work for every type of filter, but if you have one with an opening near the bottom, you can cover that space by cutting a plastic grocery bag down to size. Just make sure that there are no holes or openings before you do this since anything could get sucked up into your tank, which could cause problems.

Method 6: Adding a Water Diverter

As we mentioned earlier, some aquarium filters come with accessories like water diverters that help control water flow as it passes through your tank. If you don’t have one on your current filter system, you can purchase one and add it to the setup. This will reduce how much water is needed to move through the filter, and it will help you control just how much noise your filter makes.

Method 7: Increase the Water Flow

This tip won’t work for all aquarium filters, but if you can make some adjustments to your system to allow more water to pass through it faster, this will reduce how much noise your filter makes. This is because more water will pass through in less time, and it will be moving at a faster rate, which means that the lower pressure won’t be causing as much noise.

Method 8: Change the Pump Type

If you haven’t checked out your other options yet, then consider changing your pump type. Most aquarium filters come with a submersible pump, and these can make your filter very noisy since the vibrations travel through water and into your tank. If you use an external pump instead, then you should experience much less noise.

Aquarium Filter Pump

Method 9: Use a Canister Filter

Canister filters are usually very quiet as long as they’re running properly. These devices use a lift pump that keeps the water flowing, and you never have to worry about debris since it will block the filter intake valve. It’s just more difficult for anything to build up inside of these as well as there is no impeller as with some other types of filters.

Method 10: Check Your Filter Type

For some aquariums, it may be necessary to switch out your filter type altogether. Canister filters will usually do a good job of keeping debris from entering the water. However, if you’re using an under gravel filter or other types placed outside of the tank, these might not provide enough protection against debris. And this could cause issues with how clean your tank is, and they could cause noise issues as well.

Whether you’re an experienced fish owner or someone new to the game, it can be difficult to find quiet aquarium filter systems. But if you follow our tips on how to make aquarium filter quieter, then you’ll have less trouble with this issue in the future.

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Tips and Warnings on How to Make Aquarium Filter Quieter


  • Use a canister filter if possible
  • Check to see what kind of noise your current system is making
  • Adjust your pumps and valves so that they reduce how much water is flowing through them and at a faster rate. This will reduce the pressure and volume of water in the tank, which could help with reducing noise levels too.


  • Be careful when using a plastic bag to cover the filter intake or outlet since if it doesn’t have any holes in it, then this could cause issues with debris flying into your tank. If you do use this tip, make sure that there is something in your aquarium so that fish and other animals don’t get sucked up into the filter.
  • Under gravel filters can be very noisy, so if you use one of these, then you’ll want to switch it out for a more suitable filter type.

Now that you know how to make aquarium filter quieter, then you should have an easier time keeping your water clean and healthy for fish and other aquatic animals in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Aquarium Filter So Loud?

Aquarium filters can often be quite loud, and this is because they are designed to clean the water. Oftentimes, gravel or other small objects will become trapped in the filter, and over time it can create a lot of noise. In order to reduce the noise level, you may want to replace your filter every six months or so, depending on how much water your tank contains. If you don’t think that your filter is making too much noise, then you might want to try a filtering media that does not contain gravel or other small objects.

Does Aquarium Filter Noise Bother Fish?

Fish are sensitive to noise and can be negatively affected by loud noises that come from an aquarium filter. Aquarium filters can create a lot of noise, both when they’re operating and when the water is being circulated. This noise can cause fish to become stressed out and may even result in them fleeing the tank or dying.

If you have fish that live in your aquarium, it’s important to monitor their behavior carefully whenever there is a change in the environment (like when new plants or rocks are added). If you notice any adverse effects on their health, then it might be better to switch your filter type or install one that is quieter.

Can I Turn Fish Tank Filter Off at Night?

Generally, it is best to leave fish tank filters on during the day so that they can do their job and remove debris and particles from the water. However, if you plan on going to bed early, you can turn the filter off so that it will not disturb your sleep. Just be sure to turn it back on in the morning before your fish wake up!

Is It Ok To Have a Fish Tank in Your Bedroom?

Some people may prefer not to have a fish tank in their bedroom because of the noise that it might generate. Fish can make quite a bit of noise when they swim around, and if you’re someone who tends to sleep soundly through regular night noises, then having a fish tank in your bedroom could actually be disruptive.

If you do decide to keep a fish tank in your bedroom, be sure to purchase one that is small enough so that it doesn’t disturb you excessively. Additionally, invest in an acoustic cover for the tank so that the sounds made by the fish are muffled. And last but not least, always monitor your pet’s water levels and change them regularly so as not to overfeed or underfeed them.


It is possible to make your aquarium filter quieter by following these steps. First, you will need a drill with an appropriate-sized bit and some PVC pipe or tubing that can fit tightly around the intake tube of your current filter. Next, take the drilled hole in the top of one end of this piece of PVC pipe and slide it onto the input tube on your existing filter so that it fits snugly over the top without any air gaps. Then use duct tape to secure both ends together for stability.

Finally, put on gloves before rubbing Vaseline into all exposed metal parts, after which there should be no more vibrations coming from either side of this contraption! You can also do this with a bucket as an alternative to the above. Do you have any questions about how to make aquarium filter quieter? Please leave them in the comments section below, and we will answer them as soon as possible. Also, be sure to check back here for more tank and aquarium articles to keep your fishy friends happy and healthy.

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