How to Pull a Stove Out From the Wall

This post is about how to pull a stove out from the wall. First, I will go over what you need and why it’s essential and then provide step-by-step instructions on doing it. If you are looking for ways to make your kitchen more efficient, this might be one of them!  You can find many reasons people want or need to pull their stove out from the wall.

How to Pull a Stove Out From the Wall

One reason maybe if they have an electric stove, but they want a gas range to cook with gas instead of electricity. Another reason could be if someone needs more space in their kitchen because there aren’t enough countertops or storage areas available. Of course, there are many other scenarios where pulling a stove out from the wall would come in handy, but sometimes there are reasons that you don’t know until later.

10 Steps to Follow on How to Pull a Stove Out From the Wall 

Step One: Take out the screws holding the stove box in place

Before you can pull a stove out from the wall, you will need to take out the screws holding it in place. You can find these screws on either side of where your stove is plugged into. There should be at least two screws per side, although there could be four or six. You will need to unscrew these to pull your stove out from the wall.

Step Two: Unplug the stove cord.

There are two ways you can approach this step. First, if you have not used your stove in a while, then there is likely no power coming through it at all. In that case, unplug it. However, if you recently used your stove and there is power coming through it, you will need to flip the circuit breaker. Once that’s done, unplug the stove cord from the outlet.

Unplug the Stove Cord

Step Three: Remove the stovetop

This should be pretty simple. There are screws on either side of where your oven is hinged into. Remove them, and then you should be able to lift your stovetop off of the hinges. This will give you access to your oven.

Step Four: Remove the Oven Door

If you are replacing the hinges, this step is not necessary. With the stovetop lifted off of its hinges, you should be able to reach behind it and remove some screws that hold your oven door on. Removing them would allow you to pull the door off of the hinges. But, again, this step does not apply to everyone, so you can skip it if you do not have screws behind where your oven is hinged into.

Step Five: Remove the Oven Door Hinges

This step should be simple as well. All that you need to do is unbolt the hinges from where they are at the back of your oven. Once you’ve done this, they should be able to lift out with ease. Remove them, and you will be ready to pull your oven out from the wall.

Remove the Oven Door Hinges

Step Six: Remove the Hinges from the Stove Box

This step is similar to step four, but it is slightly different. You should already have unbolted the hinges that are part of your stovetop by now. Now you need to unbolt these from the stove box. In doing so, you will be able to pull your oven out from the wall.

Step Seven: Tilt Out Oven

In order to remove the oven from where it is set, you need to tilt it out. You can do this by compensating for one side of the stove and pushing in on the other side. This is an excellent way to make sure you have a lot of leverage when trying to pull your stove out from the wall.

Step Eight: Remove the Spacers from Behind

For your oven to come out from where it was set into, there is likely some spacer holding it up from appearing behind the stove. In order to remove the oven from where you are trying to pull it out, you will need to take these spacers out as well. Doing so will allow you to pull your stove out from the wall successfully.

Step Nine: Secure Stove Box

Once you have your oven space free and you just have the stove box left, you need to use clamps or some other kind of fixture to hold it up against the wall. This is necessary because there are no longer any screws holding it in place, so if you do not secure your stove box, it could come crashing down on its own.

Step Ten: Pull Stove Out from the Wall

After you have your stove box secured, it is time to pull the oven out from where it was. This is most easily done if someone else does this for you, but it can be done on your own with enough leverage. You may need some help getting the oven into your new space or just out of its original place. Just make sure that you are careful when pulling your oven out from the wall. This will help in how to pull a stove out from the wall.

Can I Disconnect My Gas Stove Myself?

If your stove is gas, then yes. It’s true that this process isn’t difficult, but it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. The good news is that this process requires only a few tools and about an hour of your time. You’ll need to shut off the gas at its source before disconnecting the stove, though.

Secure Stove Box

If you’ve never done this before, hiring a professional is the best way to avoid causing damage to your home or risking injury. However, be sure that you don’t try to save money by doing the process yourself and then getting it inspected. The gas company may charge more for coming out if they find an incomplete disconnection job.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Hard Is It to Relocate an Electric Stove?

It is not difficult to relocate an electric stove as long as you are aware of the basics involved in doing so.

First, remove all the power cords from the electric stove. You should then turn off the breaker that powers your electrical outlet and unplug the cord coming out of it.

Next, make sure that there is a clear path between where you want to place your new electric stove and any outlets or switches near it. You can also use cable ties to secure any loose wires or cables that might be dangling nearby while you work on this task.

Finally, install your new electrical stove according to the manufacturer’s instructions and plug it into an appropriate outlet near where you want it installed.

Can I Transport an Electric Range on Its Back?

Yes, you can transport an electric range on its back. This is because the power cord is always in contact with the ground, so there is no risk of electric shock.

Can You Pull Out an Oven?

If you are not familiar with the term “pull out,” then it is the process of taking something from a cabinet or drawer and bringing it to a different place.

An oven is an appliance that cooks food by heating air inside a closed space. It typically has at least one door on which a handle is attached so that it can be opened to allow food to be placed inside. An oven thermostat usually controls the oven’s temperature and humidity levels.

Relocate an Electric Stove

Can You Fit a Stove in a Minivan?

Yes, a stove can be fitted in a minivan if it is designed to fit the dimensions of the vehicle.

A stove can be installed in the rear cargo area with some modifications to allow for airflow through vents and ventilation ducts. If you are unsure about whether or not your stove will fit in your car, contact a local car dealer and ask them about what size stoves they have on their lot.


Pulling the stove out from the wall is not as difficult as it may seem. You need to know where to start and how much force you should use. The first step in pulling a stove away from the wall, don’t be afraid of banging against walls or knocking over objects on your way, is getting behind it by pushing up on either side with both hands until you can get one hand on top of the other for better leverage.

Once your hands are crossed at about chest height or higher if necessary, push hard enough that they’re firmly planted into place before moving them towards each other while keeping an eye on what’s happening below; if anything falls off, stop immediately! While this article was mainly about how to pull a stove out from the wall.

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