How to Remove Old Doorbell Without Screws

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to remove an old doorbell without screws, this blog post is for you. It will cover the three most common methods of removing an old doorbell that does not have any mounting screws using wire cutters, using needle-nose pliers, and using a blow dryer. 

How to Remove Old Doorbell Without Screws

These all work equally well, but some methods may be more or less convenient depending on the doorbell you’re removing. Keep reading to learn more about these three techniques and how to choose which one is right for you. In addition, this blog post speaks about an issue that most people may not know about: how to remove old doorbell without screws.

7 Steps to Follow on How to Remove Old Doorbell Without Screws

Step One: Gather Materials

Tools you will need to remove old doorbell without screws are a screwdriver, pry bar, putty knife. You might want to wear gloves during this process as well, just because it can get messy, or you might cut yourself on the sharp edges of the doorbell if you don’t have gloves.

You will also need to gather materials for your new doorbell. The most common package includes a doorbell button, two wiring ports side by side, and wires. You will also need an electric drill, screwdriver bits, wire cutters, electrical tape.

Step Two: Turn Off Power to Doorbell

Make sure the power is turned off at the breaker box. If you aren’t sure, turn the power on and off to your home at the main breaker box to ensure there is no electricity running through the wires of your house. This is an excellent idea to do in general, not just when you are replacing a doorbell, but you never want to do electrical work without turning the power off at the breaker box.

Turn Off Power to Doorbell

If you have a separate transformer for your doorbell, this will need to be turned off as well. Look around where your old doorbell is located, and you should see a small metal box with two screws on it or two wires coming from it that go into the ground or your house. This is where you will need to turn the power off.

Step Three: Remove Doorbell Cover

Using a screwdriver, pry off the cover of your doorbell button. The wires from behind should be visible and ready to be disconnected from each other. If you have trouble removing it with a screwdriver, you can use a putty knife.

However, if your doorbell still has screws holding it to the wall, skip this step and move on to disconnecting the electrical wires. Depending on the style of your doorbell, you may be left with a small hole in the wall. Don’t worry about this; it will be covered up once your new doorbell is installed; if it’s wired or filled in, you purchase an adhesive-backed button.

Step Four: Disconnect Electrical Wires

In this step, you will need to disconnect the two wires from each other. There should be one black wire and one white wire from the old doorbell attached to your home’s electrical wires. Use a screwdriver to twist off the connector screw that is holding the wires together.

There will be another connector screw close by that holds the two electrical wires together coming from your breaker box. Twist this off as well. You should now have three separate wires in your hand. If you don’t, go back step by step until you have them all separated and ready to be snipped.

Step Five: Snip Wires

Snip both black wires with your wire cutters. You can then set them to the side for disposal later on. If you are leaving the current doorbell in place, some people like to do this; if it is close to their front door, you should also clip off the white wires on either end of the old doorbell.

If you are completely removing the old doorbell, only snip off the white wire attached to your breaker box. However, if you are installing a new doorbell that requires a ground wire, then use your wire cutters to snip this one as well.

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Step Six: Inspect Your Wires for Metal Ribbon

Inspecting your wires is important before connecting them to your breaker box or the new doorbell itself. Look closely at both black wires from the old doorbell and see if you can find a small metal ribbon that runs along their insides.

Inspect Your Wires for Metal Rib

If you find one, then that means that your wires are grounded, and you will need to purchase a new doorbell with no ground wire or skip this step altogether. If you don’t find the metal ribbon, snip both of these wires to be even with each other to remove any excess wire.

Step Seven: Connect Wires to Breaker Box

To connect your old doorbell’s black wires to your breaker box, use a screwdriver to twist the connector screw back onto the ends of both of these wires. You might have to twist them together first by hand before putting the connector screw back on, as sometimes one of the screws will come loose from taking off your old doorbell.

White wires should now be connected, and you can go ahead and cut any excess wire hanging below these connectors or twisting them together with your hands. Now that you have read this article, you know how to remove old doorbell without screws! Enjoy your new appliance.

How Do You Seal a Doorbell Box to a Wall without Screws?

When retrofitting an existing doorbell or wall switch, it’s common to encounter situations where the existing box is not secured to a stud. There are several ways to secure the box, but one option is to install toggle bolts.

Toggle bolts are available at most hardware stores and come in several sizes depending upon what weight load you want them to support. They have a spring-loaded toggle attached to an anchor that is pushed into the wall, and then the ring on the toggle is tightened down against the wall.


When it comes to removing a doorbell without screws, the key is patience. When getting ready to remove an old doorbell, the most important thing you can do is make sure that all of your tools are in order and at hand before beginning work on the project. If you’ve never done this type of job, take some time to watch a couple of tutorials beforehand, so you know what steps come next.

There may be variations from one installation process to another. Still, by following these general guidelines, you should have no problem taking off your current doorbell with little fuss or muss! At this point, you should feel confident that you know how to remove old doorbell without screws.

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