The Top 5 TV Shows of 2019

While all of us patiently await the new season of Game of ThronesStranger Things, and Mr. Robot, there are fully new shows that are coming out this year. In 2019, we’ll be able to enjoy new heroes from the DC universe, a New Yorker stuck in a time loop, reboots nobody expected, and much more.

The Top 5 TV Shows of 2019

 Here are the new top five TV shows we’re eagerly awaiting in 2019:

Russian Doll

This interesting show follows Nadia, a young woman from New York, as she tries to solve a puzzle of her own death. Every time she tries to leave her birthday party, she ends up dead and right back at the party, with the same day repeating over and over again. Played by Natasha Lyonne, known for the role of Nicky from the cult TV show Orange Is the New Black, she brings her signature acting in this amusing time loop. The whole season is already available on Netflix.

Beverly Hills,​​​​ 90210 Reboot

The cult TV show Beverly Hills, 90210 is back, and it will have the original cast of the ’90s teen TV show, as was confirmed by Tori Spelling. The cast, now much older, will play the same roles, but according to Tori, it will be “heightened roles.” What this exactly means remains to be seen, but we’re all excited to see the old crew back together.

The Twilight Zone

Another reboot nobody thought would happen is the beloved The Twilight Zone. Once again, we will enjoy episodes revolving around mystery, horror, and science fiction. Jordan Peele, first known for his comedy sketches and later producing the iconic Get Out horror, will be the narrator for the new episodes. The reboot of the 1959 original series will premiere in April 2019. You can watch it on CBS.

Doom Patrol

DC universe will treat us with Doom Patrol in 2019. The story revolves around a mad scientist and his band of outcast heroes. All of them gained superpowers after horrible accidents that left them disfigured and the world had nothing to do with them. Considered freaks and becoming outcasts, they all found purpose after Chief took them under his wing and made them a team of oddest superheroes you’ll ever see to fight for justice. Critics love the show, saying it has the right mix of cynicism, dark humor, but also shows the human side of every hero.  

His Dark Mat​​​​erials

This fantasy story takes place in a parallel universe and follows an orphan named Lyra as she searches for a friend who is kidnapped. The search for a friend quickly turns into much more, as she discovers that more children are missing, and soon she is researching not only their disappearance but also the phenomenon called Dust. In a world where science, magic, and theology are tightly intertwined, Lyra, her daemon, and friends she meets along her perilous journey fight their way to discover the truth behind Dust. You’ll be able to enjoy it on BBC One and HBO.

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