10 Must Have Kitchen Utensils!

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Cooking good food is an art. Like artists require a set of basic tools to craft their arts, cooking food is no different. A kitchen without the must-have set of tools stocked would certainly not allow you to sharpen your cooking skills.

Without the necessary kitchen equipment, cooking will seem more like a boring and time-consuming task. But with the help of the right tools and utensils, you can turn your kitchen into a better cooking place and prepare a variety of foods.

If you are an obsessed foodie with a well-stocked kitchen featuring gadgets, then surely you can treat yourself with a variety of foods.

But sometimes the same results can be achieved with a perfect combination of essentials – classic cooking tools that make food preparation easier! You’ll read about the ten important kitchen utensils you should have.

Because without them, you wouldn’t want to cook!

Set of Mixing Bowls

If you cut a lot of things and like to mix them before cooking, a set of mixing bowls is a must-have.

You can also use these bowls to make salads, store leftover ingredients for later use. These bowls come in different materials ranging from steel, glass, clay, and plastic or wooden bowls.

A set of light-weight bowls made from robust material is perfect.

Skillets and Pans

A lot of cooking is done over a fire. Having a skillet or frying pan to cook food over a fire makes them necessary. You can find two types of Skillets and pans in the market. One is non-sticky and other is cast-iron. 

Non-sticky pans chemical coating degrades over time. A cast-iron pan is desirable as it cooks food more evenly and can last for several generations.


A set of good versatile knives is an absolute necessity for any kitchen. The knife is used to cut meat, vegetable, make salads, and so much more! A simple chef’s knife is an ideal choice here.

Peeler or Y-Peeler

Peeling vegetables like potatoes using a knife is a very time-consuming process and unsafe. This is why every kitchen must have a Y-shaped or a standard peeler. 

Peelers are faster than a knife, easy to use and efficiently peel off the un-wanted surface or skin without wasting the precious vegetables.

Another big advantage of using a peeler is that they are safe and provide a comfortable grip to work with.

Meat Tenderizer

Cutting slices of hard or frozen meat with a kitchen knife is always a hefty job. Consider featuring a meat tenderizer utensil or a meat mallet in your kitchen.

It is an excellent hand powered tool that allows you to slam, shape, and tenderize your meat.

A tenderized meat takes less time to cook, is easy to digest and can be mixed in several cooking recipes for variety.

Wooden Spoon

There is a variety of stirring spoons, usually made of stainless steel with plastic handle. But the ideal stirring and mixing spoon is a wooden one for a number for reasons.


A mesh strainer or strainer is a simple bowl type object with holes that help the liquid to drain out, leaving solid ingredients intact. 

This is best used to wash fruits, separately boiled macaroni from water, beans from juices, etc. A strainer is an essential time saver if you are looking to clean veggies, berries, and separate mixtures quickly.

Strainers are available in small and large holes alike. Usually, a large-sized strainer with small holes is enough to cater to the kitchen chores.

Cutting Board

Using variable kitchen objects for cutting can blunt your knife and damage the object associated. Cutting is a constant phenomenon in the kitchen. 

Therefore, having a constant proper cutting board in a kitchen is a must. The rubberized plastic board is a good investment.

Wooden spoons do not scratch your pans; cookers surface while stirring. They do not conduct heat, which means you can have a taste of the food you are cooking without burning your hands and tongue.

Cooking Pot

For most of your food preparations, a cooking pot is a must-have. It is good for cooking foods in bulk and makes the job of stirring and mixing quite easy due to its cylindrical structure. The lid feature allows you to monitor the pressure for cooking special foods.

All-in-all if you plan on cooking a lot of food in one-go a cooking pot is necessary. They are available in iron and stainless steel. Iron cooking pots are heavy, and stainless steel pots are light-weight and elegant.


Last but not least, featuring a blender in a kitchen opens up many cooking options for you. 

A simple, inexpensive but robust blender can be used for a variety of purposes like making a paste, blending ingredients, etc.

It is a simple tool but has a multitude of uses and is essential for your cooking journey.

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