7 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Garden

You’ve started a good project in your garden. You’ve made it look more beautiful this year. You’ve prepared the ground and scaled it appropriately.

Then you wake up someday to find some nasty weeds have not only infested your beautiful garden but have invited their weedy pals.

You don’t want to destroy your treasured garden in the process of weeding out these invaders. So, what is advisable for you to do?

7 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Garden

You don’t have to settle down for chemical herbicides to kill the invasive weeds. There are safer ways that perform flawlessly. Though they might consume a lot of time, their advantages are far better than the adverse health effects of chemical pesticides.

Keep reading for 7 natural ways to get rid of weeds in your garden

1. Getting Rid of Weeds Using Vinegar

Are weeds growing up in your driveway cracks or along the edges of your patio? You can destroy them for good by sprinkling them with white or apple cider vinegar.

Spray each plant in your garden with vinegar. Spray in the midsections or at the stems near ground level for the vinegar to soak down to the roots.

Cover the wanted plants before spraying since vinegar is an equal opportunistic killer. When spraying, keep your pray on target. Move the base from a two-liter plastic soda bottle and place it over the unwanted plant.

To keep the vinegar from splattering on your crops, spray it on the bottle’s mouth. You can also do this in the morning when the weather is calm to avoid contaminating your vegetables. Study the weather; if it rains the next day, then you need to spray again since the rain will have washed the vinegar away.The sun activates the killing properties of vinegar. Do this on a clear, calm day. This also ensures you that there will be no rains to wash the vinegar away before it works

2. Salt

Weeds that sprout in the cracks of your driveway can be tough to eliminate. But salt can work correctly.

Salt is used when you want to get the soil wet, unlike vinegar. Study the weather carefully when you want to use this method. If you notice that it’s about to rain or shortly before you water your garden, then it’s time to sprinkle some salt onto the base of the weed.

Salt is used

Pour exactly on the weeds to destroy them. You can also choose to spread the directly onto the unwanted plants that grow in between patio blocks or bricks. Then wait for the rains to come or sprinkle them with water.

Salt can also destroy everything it touches. You have to be careful when sprinkling. Prevent it from reaching your other plants or even your precious grass.

It can destroy everything within the spot you placed it, and it will last in the soil for a while.

3. Hand-Digging

You can manually remove all weeds by typically using a hoe, shovel or other hand tools. Though many weeds might sprout back. You’ll need to do it consistently to reduce their population.

Young weeds can’t seed nor reproduce when promptly dug out. Another way of weakening the root and killing the weed is by regularly digging out the taproots of the weeds.

4. Newspaper

Suppress weeds and prevent new ones from sprouting by using newspaper to cover them. Wet the soil first then use many newspapers before covering with mulch. Doing this will create a thick layer that will prevent sunlight from reaching their seeds. This way, they can’t germinate.

Thick layers can also prevent oxygen from penetrating through the soil as a result of suppressing weeds that are already germinating.

This is an essential way to recycle. Furthermore, you’ll be providing a suitable environment for the worms to live in.

5. Boil Them

This is another perfect and straightforward way to do away with weeds naturally. Boil them.

Hot water can destroy almost everything it touches. You can either boil some water on your gas cooker or stove particularly for the weeds. Or, you can pour leftover boiled water from, potatoes or noodles over the weeds if you don’t mind recycling water.

When pouring, make sure you aim at the top of the weeds and pour enough water to reach the roots so that they don’t sprout again. Hot water can melt the coating on the leaves of the unwanted plant.

It works well particularly for weeds that grow along the cracks in the cement or pavement. The water cools as it goes through the sides of your footpath and won’t destroy any of your crops along the border

6. Baking Soda

If you want to add sodium to the soil as well as to kill the naughty weeds, then you need to use baking soda. They share the same effect as salt; thus, it should be used when the soil is wet.

Baking Soda

When using baking soda, you’ll want to coat the entire weed, unlike salt where you strictly apply to the bottom of the weed.

Make sure you target all the leaves and stems of the unwanted plant. You can use a toothbrush, a rag, or a paintbrush to wipe all over. Be keen not to contaminate your crops.

7. Flame Weeding

A flame-weeder is made by connecting a wand to a tank containing propane. You can carry them to your hardware store or your local garden.

Briefly pass a flame over a weed to heat the weed’s tissue fatally. This will only destroy the parts of the weed above ground. The roots will remain untouched.

So, you’ll want to flame the weeds a few more times before leaving your garden. You should not try this during dry seasons. You’ll risk starting a fire.

Always read the instructions available on your flame-weeder before using it.It’s awesome to live alongside a lake, but sometimes lakes can be infested with weeds. If you live alongside a lake, you can find out more here about to get rid of weeds in a lake.


Strong chemicals have a lot of disadvantages when used to kill weeds. They can contribute to water pollution. Rain can wash away those chemicals into the sewer systems and groundwater.

They’re also a threat to children and pets playing outdoors. Try to utilize these non-toxic methods to get rid of the unwanted plants in your gardens instead of relying on the chemical herbicides. You’ll notice your plants blooming in your precious garden.

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