How to Fix Coil Springs in Couch

Ever had a couch with coil springs? If they are broken, you may be wondering how to fix them. Many steps go into this process, and it can often take hours or days before the project is complete. This blog post will give you tips on what tools to use, where to find materials, and how much time it takes for each process step. 

How to Fix Coil Springs in Couch

We’ll also cover some safety precautions that need to be taken when working with coil springs, so you don’t get hurt! Finally, this post will give you helpful tips on how to fix coil springs in couch while still getting all its benefits!

7 Steps to Follow on How to Fix Coil Springs in Couch

Step One: Determine What Kind of Coil Springs You Have

The first step is to determine what kind of springs you have. To do this, pick up the spring and look on the side of it for a number. These numbers serve as clues to tell you how old the spring is. The older the number, the more coils are used in your couch’s springs.

I have a sofa that I have recently been restoring. Unfortunately, the springs had no numbers on them, so it was impossible to tell how old they were. My best guess is they are around eight years old because I bought the couch at least eight years ago, and it had never had new springs put in, although the previous owner may have done this before I bought it.

Step Two: Find the Right Replacement Springs

To find the right replacement springs, look at the numbers on your couch’s springs to determine how many coils are in them. The more scissors symbols there are, the older the spring. For example, if there are three scissor symbols, each spring has three coils inside it.

If you have a sofa bed, it should have special coils specifically made for a sofa bed. Make sure you get these and not regular sofa springs. If you do not, they will not provide the proper support, and your mattress may sag.

Step Three: Remove the Old Coils

This step is a little tricky. The first thing you have to do is take all the cushions off the couch and set them aside in a safe place. For example, you can lean them against a wall or put them up on top of coffee tables. Just make sure they are not in your way because you will need to access your couch’s springs.

Remove the Old Coils Springs

Next, please take off the bottom fabric and set it aside in a safe place. You may need to use pliers for this step if the staples are stuck down into the wood. At this point, you should be able to see the old, worn-out springs. Now that you can see them grab your pliers and pull them out.

Step Four: Replace the Old Coils with New Coils

Now that you have removed your old coils, it’s time to swap them out. Take your new springs and slide each of them into the fabric on your couch. Once they are all in place, turn your couch cushion-side down. Be careful not to cut yourself on the exposed staples as you do this.

Once you have it like this, all you need to do is staple your fabric back onto the bottom of your couch cushion and attach each cushion back onto its place on the couch. Now that you’ve done all this sit back and enjoy your newly fixed and refreshed couch! If you still think your spring replacement was successful or not, please let me know in the comment section!

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Now all you have to do is replace the fabric on the bottom of your couch. First, with pliers, pull out any staples that are still sticking out. Then, cut away any excess fabric that did not get covered up by your new springs. Once you’ve done this, staple it back onto the bottom of the cushion, cut off the excess fabric, and put your cushions back onto your couch.

Finishing Touches

You must do this last step, or else your couch will have a wavy appearance under the fabric. At this point, your spring replacement project should be complete. However, if you were to look at your couch from the side before and after the replacement, you would see a dramatic difference in how it looks!

Step Six: Maintain the New Springs

It would help if you did not have to do any additional work to maintain your newly replaced springs. However, if they start looking worn out again, it might be time to replace them again. When you do this, make sure you follow the same steps as above to get the right size springs for your couch.

I was planning on buying new springs for my couch because the button-tufted cushions were starting to sag. I decided I could wait until they completely break and do it myself, but only if I could find replacement springs with no work involved. This will help in how to fix coil springs in couch.

Step Seven: Sit Back and Enjoy!

At this point, your spring replacement project should be completed. You can now sit back on your newly fixed couch that will provide you with proper support for years to come! After following these steps, I hope that you’ll feel confident enough to take on the task of replacing your springs.

Enjoy Your Couch!

If it goes well, let me know in the comment section! If it doesn’t, feel free to ask me questions, and I’ll do my best to help you. So, now that you’ve finished your spring replacement project sit back and relax on a comfortable couch!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Spring in a Couch?

If you are looking for a qualified and professional service provider to repair your couch, there are many that offer this service. The cost can vary depending on the size of the couch, the type of springs that need to be fixed, and other factors.

However, if you want to estimate the costs of fixing a spring in a couch yourself, it would be around $100.

Is It Worth Repairing a Sofa?

There are many factors that you need to consider before deciding whether or not it is worth repairing a sofa.

First, What Is the Current Condition of the Sofa?

If the couch has been damaged by natural wear and tear, then it would be best to just buy a new one instead of trying to repair it.

If there are no major damages on the sofa, then you can try cleaning up some stains and rips with some stain remover spray.

Do Couch Springs Wear Out?

It is a common misconception that if you sleep on a couch for long periods of time, the springs will wear out. This isn’t true because it is just a soft mattress and not an actual spring. If you are sleeping on your couch, make sure to use proper padding in order to prevent the springs from getting worn out.

How Many Years Should a Sofa Last?

If you are using your sofa as a couch, we would recommend replacing it every 8-10 years depending on the amount of use and quality of the furniture. However, if you are using your sofa as a bed or in a guest room, we recommend replacing it every 5-7 years, depending on the quality of the materials used.

Why Is My Couch Making Noise?

If you are experiencing a noise coming from your couch, it is most likely because the springs are not adjusted properly. The couch may be squeaking or cracking due to these springs and will require professional repair.

Springs Are Not Adjusted Properly

The best way to fix this problem is by visiting a furniture store that specializes in furniture repairs or by taking your couch to a home improvement center for an adjustment.


The coil springs in your couch can be fixed by using a metal coat hanger. First, you’ll need to find the broken coils and separate them from the other ones. Next, grab a wire coat hanger and bend it, so it’s straight at both ends.

Finally, use one end of the wire to hook onto an unbroken coil and pull on it until all loose coils have been gathered into one spot. The article has been a good guide on how to fix coil springs in couch.

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