How to Cover Mirrored Closet Doors in an Apartment

Mirrored closet doors are trendy in bedrooms, but they can be very difficult to cover when you don’t have access to the inside of your closets. If you live in an apartment or rent out a room, it is usually not possible for you to remove the door and replace it with something else. However, there are some great products on the market that will allow you to cover up these mirrored doors with ease. This is a guide on how to cover mirrored closet doors in an apartment.

How to Cover Mirrored Closet Doors in an Apartment

Why is it so hard to find mirrored closet doors for my apartment?

How’s the weather up there? It would help if you were very tall, or maybe your closets were enormous. Mirrored closet doors are all over the place in homes with 10-foot ceilings, but they rarely work in low-ceilinged apartments like yours and mine. Sure, you can buy a mirror and stick it up on the wall over your closet door, but it looks weird from the outside of your apartment. Finally, there’s a better solution: cover those mirrored doors with some beautiful fabric.

What do you need to cover mirrored closet doors in an apartment?

  • Door Hangers
  • Paint Roller and Brush
  • Sponge(s)
  • Primer (Optional)
  • Painter’s Tape & Paper/Plastic Drop Cloths

Mirrored closet doors can take up a lot of space in an apartment, but they can be used to your advantage. If you don’t like the idea of building-in mirrored closet doors, you can always go for a far cheaper alternative: Covering them with fabric or wallpaper!

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Guides on How to Cover Mirrored Closet Doors in an Apartment

STEP 1: Clean the Mirror

Make sure that the mirror is clean before you start working on it. Any dirt or dust will make it difficult for the paint to stick.

Clean the Mirror

STEP 2: Prime the Mirrors

If you want to hang fabric or wallpaper on your walls, you should first put a layer of primer on the mirror. This will help the fabric or wallpaper stick to the mirror and also let light shine through.

STEP 3: Cover the Mirrors With Painter’s Tape

Apply your tape along the edges of the mirror, making sure to create a good seal. This will prevent any dust or dirt from interfering with the paint’s ability to adhere to the surface.

STEP 4: Cover the Mirrors With Plastic Drop Cloths

Protect the floor below as well as any nearby furniture with your drop cloths. You want to ensure that no paint falls onto anything else but the mirror itself, so be careful and thorough! Once your drop cloths are in place, apply painters tape to the surrounding areas.

This will allow you to paint right up to the edge of the mirror without leaving any messy paint strokes behind.

STEP 5: Roll on Your First Coat of Paint

To make a painted mirror, you will need a roller and some paint. Cover the roller in paint and then roll it onto the mirror, making sure to press evenly so that the paint covers the entire surface. You will need to do two coats of paint, so make sure to leave enough space between the first coat and the second.

Roll on Your First Coat of Paint

STEP 6: Roll on Your Second Coat of Paint

After you finish the first coat of paint, go back and do a second coat. This will help make sure that your mirror is completely covered. If there are any spots that didn’t get covered by the first coat or that have been worn down from being touched too much, this is your chance to cover them up!

STEP 7: Wait Two Hours for the Paint to Dry

Once you’ve rolled on your second coat of paint, give the mirror two hours to dry completely to avoid ruining your job. Make sure that there are no wet spots before you risk touching anything!

STEP 8:Remove the Tape and Plastic Drop Cloths

After you have let the paint dry for two hours, take off your tape and plastic drop cloths. Take a look at how your new covering looks against the light to make sure that nothing has gotten messed up during this process. If there are any spots of the mirror still showing through, go back and use the tape to cover them again. 

STEP 9: Cover the Mirror Again if Necessary

If you are not happy with the paint job, give it another coat and wait for it to dry. Repeat this step as many times as you need to until your mirror is completely covered!

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Cover the Mirror Again if Necessary

Tips and Suggestions

  1. You can use little tricks of the trade to make your small space look a little bigger and a lot better.
  2. Mirrored closet doors are a great way to add light and sparkle to your tiny apartment bedroom – until you move your furniture around and they reflect everything! What was once an airy, bright room is now a sea of floating dressers.
  3. The worst thing to do is block the mirrors with pieces of furniture or storage, which reflects all that unsightly stuff you wanted to hide behind your mirrored closet doors in the first place!
  4. The thing to do is hang some inexpensive and straightforward sheer curtains over the mirrors. Then, the light will still be reflected, you’ll save money on electricity (the mirrored doors will keep your room cooler in summer and warmer in winter), and best of all, those pesky reflections are now hiding behind a veil of soft fabric.
  5. It’s an easy solution and the ultimate way to cover those mirrored closet doors in an apartment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mirrored Closet Doors Be Painted?

Mirrored closet doors can be painted, but it’s not recommended. Mirrored closet doors are made of glass material, and so they can’t be painted without first sanding down the surface to remove any layers of paint or residue.

Can You Wallpaper Over Mirrored Doors?

No, you cannot wallpaper over mirrored doors. Mirrored doors are an architectural feature that creates the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light from one room into another. This can be used to add visual interest and ambiance to a room without making it seem smaller.

You Cannot Wallpaper Over Mirrored Doors

To avoid permanent damage, it is best not to attempt this yourself but instead call in professional help or hire someone with experience who knows how to do it properly.

Can You Put Peel and Stick Wallpaper Over Mirror?

Some companies offer Peel and Stick Wallpaper. However, it is recommended to do this on your own.

To Make the Wallpaper :

1. First, you need to remove the mirror from the wall with a screwdriver or something similar.

2. Apply the glue to the back of the paper and place it over top of the mirror frame. Make sure that you use enough for an inch or two between each piece of paper (to prevent bubbles).

3. Cut around any edges of glass that might not be covered by paper, leaving a little extra hanging off each side in case there are gaps at those spots.

4. Remove all pieces from the backing sheet one by one and set them aside for later use.

5. Place another sheet of paper on top of your old mirror-backed wallpaper and then remove it using your fingers or a credit card tool like a knife or scraper (this will help get rid of any air bubbles underneath). You can now finish applying your new wallpaper using either hot water or a heat gun if necessary; make sure you don’t get too close to the adhesive because otherwise, you could damage it when removing it from its packaging.


The best solution for covering mirrored closet doors is to use a large piece of fabric that will cover the entire door. If you don’t want to hang anything on your walls or purchase an expensive curtain, there are other options like using curtains with rings and hooks to be easily removed when not needed. This may also work if you have limited space in your home because it doesn’t require hanging hardware.

By covering the mirrors with curtains, you’ll be able to have a brightly lit room throughout the day. With just a little effort and patience, you’ll be able to create a cozy and comfortable living space.

I hope this article, how to cover mirrored closet doors in an apartment, helped you cover your mirrored closet doors in an apartment.

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