How to Keep Goats Off Porch

A goat can be a wonderful pet for anyone with the time, patience, and space to care for them. However, they are not always the best pets for everyone. Goats have been known to knock over flower pots, eat plants and even urinate inside if their fences are left open.

How to Keep Goats Off Porch

They love being outside but may also be curious about what’s going on inside your home too. So, here are a few things you can do to prevent your goats from wandering in and making themselves at home. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to keep goats off porch with just one simple trick!

6 Steps to Follow on How to Keep Goats Off Porch

Step One: Determine

First, you must determine which goat is doing the climbing. All goats climb, but some are better at it than others. If you have several goats who use your porch as a bathroom, then you will need to train all of them. However, if only one goat is using your porch as a bathroom, then it should be easy to train this goat to stop using your porch for that purpose.

Determining Which Goat Is Doing the Climbing

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Step Two: Remove the Reward

If a goat uses your porch for going to the bathroom, it probably feels safe there since there are no predators. However, your porch is also a good place for the goat to find food. So if you want the goat to stop using your porch as a bathroom, you need to make it less inviting by making it more like an outhouse area.

This can be done by installing some fencing around the edges of your porch. If putting up physical barriers is not an option, then you can try using some motion-sensing lights to keep them away. You could also use scent deterrents available at many pet stores to make it less comfortable for the goat to stand on the porch.

Step Three: Reinforce the Solution

Once you have determined why your goat wants to be on your porch and removed any reward the goat might perceive in being on your porch, it is important to teach the goat that there are repercussions for going near or onto your porch.

If you have not installed fencing yet, doing so will ensure that this step goes smoothly. Goats know they cannot jump over a fence unless it is very low and there is nothing nearby to boost them. On the flip side, goats know that they can easily get over the fence if there is something nearby for them to use as a boost, such as a tree or another goat.

Step Four: Monitor and Praise

Before you know it, your porch will become a less attractive place for the goat to be, and they will stop going there. It can happen so suddenly that you may not even notice – sometimes, all it takes is one false move of the goat onto the porch, and suddenly they learn not to do it again.

If this is not the case for your goat, you will need to monitor them closely as they roam around in your yard. If they go near your porch, immediately pick them up and place them back where they were before. If they get too close to the porch again, you can take them back to their original area without reprimanding them.

Monitoring Them Closely Around in Yard

Step Five: Praise and Treat

As soon as you notice that the goat is respecting your space, be sure to praise them for it! Give a treat, a pat, a rub behind the ears – whatever they like. The more positive reinforcement you give them when they stay away from your porch, the more likely they will keep doing so in the future.

If they do happen to get onto your porch, even after you have taken all of these steps to try and prevent them from doing so, then calmly pick them up and place them back where they were before with some soft words of encouragement rather than reprimanding them for getting onto the porch in the first place. This will help in how to keep goats off porch.

Step Six: Give up on the Porch

If, after all of these steps have been taken, your goat still does not respect the space around your porch, then it may be time to give up. Of course, you can try using these six steps again in a few months once they are sure that you are no longer tolerating them being near the porch, but if they continue to ignore it, then you should assume that the porch area is not safe for them to be in.

This is especially important if the porch has any support beams or other areas that they can get stuck under. If giving up on keeping them off your porch entirely is not an option, you will need to try and find another solution that keeps both of you happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Keep Goats From Going Under My Fence?

To keep goats from going under your fence, you can either have a higher fence or put wire on the top of the fence.

If you have a higher fence, your goats will not be able to climb over it, and if you put wire on the top of the fence, they will be unable to go under it.

What Animals Do Goats Hate?

Goats are known to be able to jump over fences that are less than six feet high.

However, goats can jump fences up to eight feet high if they feel threatened.

They have a good sense of balance and can leap onto higher objects such as trees and fence posts when needed.

Goats Are Known to Be Able to Jump

What Animals Do Goats Hate?

Goats are known to be herbivores, and therefore they do not have any natural predators. However, they will show aggression towards animals that have been classified as a threat or danger to them, such as coyotes, dogs, cats, wolves, etc.

Can You Ride Goats in Minecraft?

Yes, you can ride goats in Minecraft.

To ride a goat, make sure that the block below it is air. If not, the player will fall through and be killed by the mob below.


The best way to keep goats off your porch is by installing a fence. This will let the animals know they are not welcome and prevent them from coming onto your property in search of food or water, which may also attract other wildlife.

You can also install an electric fence for more protection to avoid any accidental contact with the voltage that may occur when touching wires after rainstorms. Finally, the conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to keep goats off porch.

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