How to Use Microwave Egg Cooker?

So, you are an egg person, and just love eggs in every aspect of your meals or maybe you are that person who just can’t get enough of poached eggs, but think the making of poaching eggs is time consuming or just way too complicated. The often craving for eggs and the avoidance or laziness of having to go put it in a pan and watch it on the stove as it cooks is the many problems of egg lovers in the kitchen. Well, a great solution to such a problem would be, by making use of a microwave. But wait, Microwave to cook eggs or yet make poach eggs? Sounds somehow a tedious work or even impossible. But not when you do have the right kitchen gadget: Microwave egg cooker.

How to Use Microwave Egg Cooker

Now, definitely, the question in your mind would be how to use microwave egg cooker or better yet how to go about it in getting you that perfect egg that you did so want on your English muffin. Well cooking an egg straight with a microwave does indeed consumes time and can be a bit stressful as you did need to take precautions for the egg not to be under cook, overcooked or causing an explosion.

How to Use Microwave Egg Cooker

 So, for you to just relax and wait for your egg to be cooked the way you did like it make use of a microwave egg poacher, which is basically cracking eggs in a poacher, putting in a microwave for about a minute and laying it down on a plate for a delicious meal. The best part of it all is you do not need to clean up after use, most microwave egg poachers are dishwasher friendly.

As usual, instructions on how to use a microwave egg poacher would sound simple but can lead to something you do not like if not followed carefully.


  • The first step is to rinse your egg poacher with a clean tap water, dry it with a kitchen towel and with a help of a fork, crack your eggs into the egg poacher- 1 egg in each compartment (depending on the kind of microwave egg poacher you have and are using).
  • Now, as a precaution of not destroying the look of your egg or most importantly for an explosion to not occur while cooking the eggs, it would be a good idea to prick each egg once with a fork. Do not excessively beat the egg as if you were going to fry it. Just a prick and I stress ONCE would be enough to mix your egg and prevent it from being messy or cause an explosion in the microwave.
  • Gently pour 1 tablespoon of water on top of each egg. This is actually done to allow the top of your egg to cook evenly. Many microwave egg cooker directions would leave something like this step out, but after a personal experience, I did always add this step as the water would boil and help cook the top of the egg better. Not adding water on top of the egg would make the top part still runny and undercooked while the rest of the egg looks perfectly cooked. However, make sure to not over add water too, you wouldn’t want a water cooked egg.
  • You gently close your microwave egg poacher and place it in your microwave and set it for a time of 1 minute. Now the note here in this step is the time. Since there are many different types of microwaves, and hence a difference in time of cooking certain food products, so it would be best to do a bit of trial and error. But if your eggs are still undercooked after a minute, increase it to a minute more or so till you acquire the perfect look you did want.
  • Once done, you take them out of the microwave and place them on your meal of the day. You might not get the look of your egg to be that of perfection, but I did assure you the taste would be that of perfection. However, if looks are what you did want, maybe trying to impress a loved one or your boss the solution here is to flip them. As in flip the other side of your eggs (bottom to top) and you did get the best look.
How to Use Microwave Egg Cooker

In addition to following the microwave egg cooker instructions, know that it is always good to sprinkle a few grains of salt at the bottom of your egg cooker before cracking your eggs into them.

Set Your Microwave Timer  1 Minute

 The salt is placed there to attract microwave energy and will help cook eggs evenly. You could also crack your eggs in a small bowl, whisk gently before pouring them into the egg cooker as a way of skipping piercing the eggs. When cooking eggs in a microwave, always remember to make use of a microwave-safe container, but never cook an egg in its shell in a microwave as this will cause an explosion.

Knowing how to use an egg cooker is not only beneficial but also a healthy way of cooking eggs as they are purposely designed to cook and make a perfect delicious egg and the best part is it being designed to be kept in your microwave, as in you do not need a stove and the long waits for your water to boil and the constant adjusting of the flame. However, know your microwave when dealing with microwave egg cookers. Microwaves vary widely in terms of power and capabilities, therefore, giving each microwave different times that food can be cooked in it. So, finding the power of your microwave and the perfect timing for your eggs to be cooked, will make the use of a microwave egg cooker the best gadget you did have in your kitchen.

With no much of an excuse, you have indeed found a way to make a delicious poached egg without having to worry about time, precision or perfection as it is placed all in one with a microwave egg cooker.

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