Several Key Advantages Offered by Ethanol Fireplaces

Installing a fireplace is a wonderful way to make your home feel warm and welcoming. Today, however, more and more homeowners are opting for modern alternatives to traditional fireplaces that burn wood. Ethanol fireplaces, in particular, have become increasingly popular in the recent past, thanks to the many benefits that they offer.

Several Key Advantages Offered by Ethanol Fireplaces

An Introduction to Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces, such as these from Soothing Company, which are also sometimes referred to as ethanol burners, use ethanol as fuel. This fuel, which is created from byproducts of the agricultural industry, is considered to be a renewable fuel source. Unlike other types of fuel, it is completely odor free when it is burned. It also doesn’t create smoke and won’t leave behind soot or ash. It is precisely because of these characteristics that it is considered to be an eco-friendly product. This is an important consideration for homeowners who are looking for ways to make their homes more environmentally friendly.

A Versatile Choice

One thing that sets ethanol fireplaces apart from traditional fireplaces is that they can be installed anywhere without the need for a chimney. You can hang them on the wall, set them on the floor, or place them on a tabletop, making them a versatile choice.

A Versatile Choice

No Need for a Flue

Because ethanol is such a clean-burning fuel, these fireplaces don’t require a flue. This makes them ideal for situations where no chimney is available. Installing a chimney is a complicated and expensive process. Being able to avoid that extra expense while still enjoying a fire in your home is one of the major advantages offered by ethanol fireplaces. Because you don’t have to change the structure of the building, they are also a great choice for apartments or condos where installing a chimney is not possible.

Beautiful, Natural Flames

When you burn ethanol, it creates natural-looking flames that put off a decent amount of heat. Oftentimes, homeowners choose electric fireplaces or ventless gas fireplaces if they can’t install a chimney. Although these types of fireplaces do put off heat, they don’t have the benefit of creating natural-looking flames. Ethanol fireplaces, on the other hand, not only are great for zone heating but they also have lovely flames, making them a great choice for your home.

Beautiful, Natural Flames

Simple to Install and Easy to Maintain

Unlike traditional fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces are extremely simple to install. Many models are freestanding units, meaning that they are ready to go right out of the box without any installation. More elaborate fireplaces that are designed to be mounted on the wall or installed in the home usually can be put in place during a single appointment. If you are considering one of these fireplaces for your home, be sure to consult with one of our experts to find out which model is best for your needs.

Simple to Install

An Affordable Alternative

Not only are ethanol fireplaces usually much less expensive to purchase than other types of fireplaces but they are also much less expensive to install. Since the fuel burns so cleanly, practically no maintenance is required. For instance, unlike traditional fireplaces, you don’t need to worry about hiring a chimney sweep to clean out your chimney since they don’t use a chimney. All of the maintenance on these fireplaces can be handled without professional help.

Enjoy the Beauty of a Fire Throughout the Entire Year

When you buy an ethanol fireplace, you can use it throughout the entire year. The amount of ethanol that you add dictates how long the fire will burn. During the winter, you can add more ethanol for a longer-lasting flame. When it is warmer outside, you can decrease the amount of ethanol, helping to reduce the amount of heat put off by the fireplace.

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