8 Interior Design Tips To Instantly Update Your Space

Has your home’s interior grown a little stale? You can spruce things up with small changes to make a big difference in your home. With little updates, you don’t have to commit to a complete redo or style change, yet you still get the benefit of anew and improved look. These eight tips from interior designers can inspire you to try a new trend in your home.

8 Interior Design Tips To Instantly Update Your Space

In the Mix

Don’t be afraid to combine different styles, patterns, and textures in any indoor space. A few antiques in a modern room can also add personality.

Clear the Air

Plants do double duty in your home. They can act as air filtersand balance the humidity, and they also bring nature insidewith lush green color to brighten your home.

On the Floor

Don’t underestimate the power of an area rug. It can define the space in any room and tie the other elements together for a more finished look.

Light It Up

Ditch those ho-hum lighting fixtures that came with your home. Why not replace them with unique pendants or ceiling mounts?

Change the Color

One of the easiest ways to update any room is with a fresh coat of paint. Neutral paint colors are always in style and can brighten up a small or dark space. The use of color greatly affects the perception we have of spaces. A proper use of color in a room will completely change its appearance. A suitable color can get you to concentrate better in that room, which seems brighter or even bigger. Light colors give a greater sense of spaciousness and luminosity. There are others like green that help concentration or blue that helps relaxation.

Change the Color

Set It Out

Most people have accumulated a collection of sorts, perhaps from traveling or a hobby they may have. Instead of storing your assemblage, you can display them for a personal touch. A diaphanous space gives greater spaciousness to spaces using the same surface. If you consider that your house is small, this solution can be very interesting to join different rooms.

Within a diaphanous space it is possible to delimit zones of very different forms, generating different degrees of privacy. A change of color, of materials, of the height of the ceilings, of the arrangement of the furniture or even of the use of carpets can help you to delimit the spaces .

Reflect on It

Mirrors are a no-brainer for opening up space and bringing in light, as long as you go with framed ones rather than a more dated wall-to-wall style.

In the Books

Another simple tip from any interior designer in Pacific Palisades is to decorate with books. Coffee tables and shelves are made for them, so don’t be shy!

These ideas are affordable and accessible to anyone who wants a quick update. For more advice and design tips, you can work with a knowledgeable interior designer whose style reflects your own.

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