Potato Masher vs Potato Ricer

Ever tried a mashed potato with some thick beef gravy? Well if you have not you are indeed missing out on the eating of great foods. The eating of potatoes is very common as it is used in the preparations of many dishes, most menus come along side dishes made out of potatoes.

Menus like the chicken curry served with potatoes and carrots, Veg-salad mixed with small cuts of potatoes, and the all-time favorite French fries all come up with the use of potatoes and we all love them. However, if not all most do eat potatoes, but not mashed.

Mashed potatoes are just the product of pounding a cooked potato till it loses its hard-like statues and becomes soft and creamy. Although the eating of mashed potatoes might be popular the know-how of making it is on the down-low.  Getting a cooked potato mashed up for a delicious and wonderful meal will depend on how you will go about on the mashing.

Now when it comes to the mashing there is two kitchen equipment that comes up to mind, the potato masher and the potato ricer. These two individual tools that help with the easy mashing of a boiled potato has always been a tough decision for most normal cooking people and top-class chiefs. The potato masher vs potato ricer decision is a battle of the mind, once you plan on making some menu with mashed potato.

Potato Ri​​​​cer

  • A potato ricer is an extrusion kitchen tool that forces boiled potatoes through tiny holes made in them, giving the outcome of the potato mashed and rice-like feature. On how to use a potato ricer, you peel potatoes and place them inside a potato rice which is normally big enough to fix in a 4-medium sized potato, and gently and firmly squeezing out the mashed potatoes from the little tiny holes made at the bottom of the ricer.
A Extrusion Kitchen Tool
  • A potato rice comes with a handle attached to the ricer where you hold and gently and firmly press on which in turn cause the process of squeezing the potatoes. This tool makes you the lightest and smoothest mashed potatoes due to air being incorporated into the potato as it’s pressed.
  • A rice will also make sure there are no lumps in the final outcome of the mashed potato as the boiled potato is subdued to a quiet amount of pressure. As efficient as the potato ricer might be, it does entail a good amount of time in getting that final output of a smooth mashed potatoes making it time consuming. Imagine squeezing 4 kilos of potatoes. Finding where to buy a potato ricer will depend on the diameter of the ricer and the handling you did want.

Potato Masher

  • A potato masher is a kitchen tool that makes use of an effort far more than that of the potato rice in the making of a mashed potato. It is designed in a way where one has to place the boiled potatoes in a bowl and gently but firmly using the tool in one hand press down in an up and down and back and forth motion.
  • The usage entails precision with effort and so can easily make you the best smooth and creamy mashed potatoes that you did want. One has to make sure though to get into every corner of the bowl and pressing or twisting the potatoes so as to get it all mashed, and it can go on and on till you are satisfied with the outcome of the potatoes being mashed.
Use in the Making  Of Your Mashed

No matter which tool your choice to use in the making of your mashed potatoes, the final outcome will depend on how smooth and mashed you did want your potatoes. But the difference will lay in which one will do the job much easier and quicker for you.

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