How To Use A Neck Pillow?

How To Use A Neck Pillow

There are times that you need some good damn rest but cannot have it due to some circumstances. Circumstances such as traveling on the bus, having a long flight or not having a place where you can lay down to get that good sleep that you crave can be frustrating. The restlessness that one feels when traveling and not being able to rest his or her head in a good and comfortable way, makes the trip very unpleasant and if you have chronic head and neck pain it makes it more difficult.

Neck pillows are your answer to all this problems. Neck pillow you ask? Yes neck pillow, a pillow specially designed that supports and realigns your neck and upper spinal area into a proper posture curve to help relieve chronic and temporary neck and head pain in a natural position. They are designed in sizes that can be easily kept around the neck and aim to reduce neck pain and give comfort to you anywhere and anytime.

If you are thinking on how to use a neck pillow, here are a few steps to help you:

  • Consider the firmness of the neck pillow before choosing. Based on recommendations of many physicians, you will need to evaluate the firmness of a pillow that you did be using. A soft pillow, for example, will be good for temporary neck pain due to an injury or sudden onset of pain from a long-standing condition. Pillows that are firm are always recommended for chronic neck pain suffers. The bottom line here is to make sure you are comfortable with the pillow you choose.
how to use a neck pillow
  • Choose the proper thickness. The proper thickness of your neck pillow should be an important factor to consider on how to use a neck pillow right after checking for its firmness. Thickness of the pillow will let you know how the pillow is to support your head without affecting your spine or neck. Always keep in mind that while laying on your back, your neck and head should remain level with your upper back and spine. Never should your neck and head be propped up or tilted away from your body in anyway.
  • Next is to know how to place your neck pillow properly while sleeping. There are many varieties of neck pillows available to choose from, but the basic premise on how to wear a neck pillow is mostly the same. The primary outward curve of the pillow should rest at the neck. The neck pillow is designed to act as a headrest and still give you that comfortable sleep, hence the neck pillows outward curve gives you easy placing of the pillow around your neck and easy support to your head.
How to Place Your Neck Pillow
  • This is the step to teach you how to use a travel pillow. Travel neck pillows resemble a u-shaped tube filled with foam or other stuffing. The u-shape provides additional support to your head and neck. Some neck pillows come with gel packs that offers you a cool sensation, lessening the effect of migraines and headaches. To wear it you place the opening of the pillow around your neck, nestling it into the base of your head. Make sure the u-shape should fit under your ears and above your shoulders, supporting your head and allowing the proper neck curvature.

The getting of a comfortable travel neck pillows can be hard to find so it is advised to consult a medical professional about your needs before getting one. Make sure to give your doctor any potentially relevant information about the way you sleep such as position, snoring or sleep apnea, or even if you sweat in your sleep. Let your doctor know if you are going to use the pillow for your bed or for travel. Which will help the doctor influence his or her suggestion for you to pick a comfortable pillow for yourself.

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