Aeropress vs French Press | Which Manual Brewing Method Is The Best?

I paid a friend of mine a visit last winter and while at his kitchen having some coffee, I noticed he had two coffee machine makers. Intrigued I asked why. He then explained that, both are used in the brewing of coffee, however were of two different kinds. Surprised as most would have been, I then tried to find out the difference between Aeropress Vs French press in the making of coffee.

Aeropress vs French Press

The vast of us, just have one way or one machine for the brewing of our coffee but tend out to be surprised to taste a coffee much is more pleasing than the taste we get from our own coffee machine. If you did love coffee, you did know being diverse and knowing the usage of other coffee machines will indeed benefit you in tasting so many rich ways of making and enjoying your coffee.

Among the many coffee machines out there in the market, knowing how Aeropress Functions and brews coffee from the popularly French press will help in making your coffee mornings a delight.

French Press Will Help in Making Coffee


An Aeropress is basically made up of two plastic cylinders, which operates to give you a wonderfully brewed coffee. The first cylinder also known as the brewing chamber has openings on its sides, one side having a filter cap with a filter inside which is where coffee grounds are placed and the other cylinder being the plunger were when pushed down, pushes water and add pressure for better coffee extraction. Its operating is quite simple, but its technique of usage does make a difference in the taste of coffee. This is so because:


With an Aeropress coffee maker, one has a good amount of control of the brewing of their coffee. You could easily alter the time, pressure, water volume, temperature and even the quality of your coffee. This makes Aeropress the only coffee maker that allows users to alter all variables necessary for the making of an excellent cup of coffee.

Brewing Time

With a total time of a minute to 30 seconds, Aeropress is indeed a good way to save time in the making or brewing of coffee. Most coffee maker’s time of brewing is within 5 to 8 minutes, so imagine having your cup of coffee within a minute. This is possible because of the already grounded coffee grounds. Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill is one of the best coffee grinders for aeropress

Simplicity is what Aeropress is all about and hence makes it easy to clean, carry around and brew your cup of coffee.

French Press

The French press is traditional and favorite for most, does also makes use of a plunger in the making of coffee. The difference however, it has from that of an Aeropress is :

Plunger in the  Making of Coffee
  • In the making of coffee, the Aeropress makes use of pressure entirely to improve extraction while the French press does not.
  • The high difference of brewing time, with the Aeropress having a shorter and fast brewing time of about 1 to 2 minutes in getting your cup of coffee as compared to that of a French press of 6 to 5 minutes.
  • When It comes to number of cups one could get with the brewing of both machines, whiles the French press could easily brew you about 4 to 6 cups of coffee, the Aeropress could only brew you one cup of coffee at a time. Hence making serving capacity of a French press higher than that of an Aeropress.

There is so many differences one could find in the usage of both Aeropress and French press. However, usage will highly depend on user preference.

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