How Much Does it Cost to Make a Pizza?

The economical need of pizza in the world is pretty much at its high rate now. And as any good economist will tell you, it is good to meet demand with supply, making this the reason for many different joint outlets and restaurants being established all over the world now. Business of the making and selling of pizza is known as one of the profitable business when it comes to food, hence there has been a great number of individuals, entrepreneurs and investors all with high interest in establishing their own profitable pizza restaurant or outlet.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Pizza

So, if you are one of does, who are in keen interest of making and selling pizzas, you will be wondering how much does it cost to make a pizza? I must say the answer for such a question is ambiguous, however here are a few tips on the knowledge of pizza costing:

  • Type of Pizza: The very first thing to consider in the step of knowing how much a pizza cost to make is knowing what kind of pizza you intend to make. That is deciding if you want to make a basic pizza with just the everyday normal ingredients or a more pleasant pizza with more ingredients on it. Consider the ingredients flouryeast, water, sauce, cheese and toppings, none being expensive but, to build a medium pizza the cheese is the most expensive ingredients at almost $2.00 upwards, and then comes the question of how much does a pizza dough cost which is also around $0.25 and the sauce $0.35, which then adds up to $2.60 for a basic pizza that could be sold for twice that amount. There are, of course, other expenses to be factored into the cost. Rent, labor, utilities and franchise fees must be prorated to each pizza, and that will then give you the cost of making a pizza.
  • Location: Another great factor to consider in answering the question how much does a pizza cost to make. Location will play a lot in the prizing of your pizzas, as if you are located at the heart of a business center, renting will be very high hence the need to prize your pizzas high in order to make up for the rent and still be able to make profit after these expenses. On the other side if you are located a bit far from the center business district and just in a small community your rent would be less and so will your pizza’s. A location where a lot of young flocks are and a lot of business establishment will mean a high demand for pizzas no matter the cost and a location with fewer younger generation’s and more of a rural area than urban will mean very little demand for pizzas and hence low pricing of your pizza.
  • Advertising: Another important factor to consider before getting to know how much it cost to make a pizza. There are a lot of pizza making companies, outlets and franchises which you did have to at most be toe to toe in competition with. Best chances of being able to get people to visit your shop and buy your pizza is advertising, hence you did have to make some flyers to distribute, some banners to hang, and some paid advertisement on local radio or news. There is also advertisement on the many social media to target or yet still get a paid sales team to work on improving sales on your pizza making shop. To which ever source you choose to advertise yourself, you should know a percentage of it must be added to the cost of your pizza or you did just be in loss.

In sundry, the very question how much does it cost to make pizza is very ambiguous and takes personal research and interviews with people who are already in that establishment in getting the exact information that you did want. So the advice here is to consider the factors mentioned and do some research before knowing how much it will cost you to make a pizza.

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