Difference Between KitchenAid and Subzero Refrigerator

Subzero refrigerator is more familiar than KitchenAid but KitchenAid is one of the older brands in the world even more than Subzero. When it times to buy a food preserver most of the time this two particular brand comes to our mind. And we suffer from a full dilemma to pick the right one. For the price, they’re in number one for every category of the fridge. This article will help you to know the Difference between KitchenAid and Subzero refrigerators and decide to pick the right one for you. Just read us periodically.

Difference Between KitchenAid and Subzero Refrigerator

In this article we will walk with KitchenAid 29.5 -Cubic-Foot Black Stainless and Sub-Zero 36 Inch Stainless Steel French door Refrigerator. We will describe every part of these two food preservers and make it easier than you can imagine. 

KitchenAid 29.5 -Cubic-Foot Black Stainless Refrigerator

If you are willing to get a high-end appliance then you may take a closer look at this KitchenAid 29.5 –Cubic-Foot black stainless steel fridge.


It’s divided by fridge and freezer two-part. Freezer compartment 10.30 Cubic Feet and fridge compartment is 19.22 Cubic Feet. With that said- the whole fridge 29.5 Cubic Feet. 

The inner part is well organized with chambers of room. The crisper drawer has a satin glide system that gives you a smooth experience.

Black Stainless Refrigerator

It comes with glass shelves and added interior LED light for easy access to contents.


It makes it easy to access fridge and freezer compartments side by side due to its full-length doors. So you shouldn’t have any complications.

 On the other hand, a French door refrigerator makes it easier to keep foods and access them than a regular fridge.

Anyway, both of the doors are not full-length; it has door bins as well so that you can keep extra food items here.

Exterior Part

Outlook body builds with high-grade stainless steel with a black finish that makes it look awesome. Also, the door handle builds with high-quality metal.

The exterior glassy finish and the overall structures appeal to you to feel amazed.

If you are a fan of Silver stainless steel color then you can get this refrigerator with the same functionality as it was available both Silver and Black. But many people love this black finish stainless steel appliance.

Energy Star

This appliance is certified Energy Star that being said- you don’t have to waste a decent amount of money on the electricity bill. It can reduce your yearly electricity bill amounts.

Water and Ice Dispenser

It has an Ice maker, you can get Ice when you need it also its offer a water dispenser as well. They are both located outside this fridge. The water dispenser can supply you with filtered water without any contaminants.

Convenient Control

The temperature adjustment feature comes easier than before with the intuitive controls of this refrigerator. No matter whatever you’re dealing with in the fridge or freezer.

Sub-Zero 36 Inch Stainless Steel French door Refrigerator

If you are especially looking to get a French door refrigerator by sub-zero brand. You may take a closer look at the Sub-zero 36 Inch stainless steel refrigerator. Let’s drive to let you know how it’s the difference from the KitchenAid one.


It has two parts of the compartments. Fridge and freezer. The fridge compartment is 15.7 Cubic Feet and the freezer compartment is 5.3 Cubic Feet. The weight is around 529 lbs.

This refrigerator offers easy-to-access contents through an interior LED light. It comes with a storage drawer and door added a dairy compartment. Glass shelves are spill-proof. It has an Ice dispenser and Ice basket on the freezer section to store Ice.

It features three glass shelves, two stationary door shelves, a high humidity drawer, and much more equipment that make it one of the best food preservers in the market today. 

Stainless Steel French Door


You will not feel any hassle during opening or closing the door as it is sleek. Door added stationary shelves which can be used to keep some ingredients safe separately. This fridge has many door shelves adjustable that said you can customize shelves according to your needs. 

Exterior Part

This refrigerator came in a silver finish body that’s not print on your finger while accessing contents from the fridge and freezer. It has 4 doors so that you can open them in two-part.

The door handle is a very slim and elegant design. Water filter located on the upper side of this fridge. The bottom of the French door includes an extra door to open the freezer.

Water and Ice Dispenser

We found a water and ice dispenser for this sub-zero French door refrigerator with an advanced water filtration system. But both this dispenser is located on the interior side. No dispenser outside could be a little annoying for the user but many people are happy with the internal dispenser.

Additionally, it added an Air purification system which helps to deliver fresh foods and reduce viruses and bacteria. 

Control Panel

Temperature maintenance process is more easy and straightforward. The control panel is illuminated with a sensor. You can operate it by touching your finger and this touch pad located the upper portion of this appliance.


After comparing these two refrigerators you will not find any note-able difference because they have both almost the same features and functionality.

Water and Ice Dispenser

But if you have a tight space and would like to get an exterior dispenser you may go with KitchenAid one.

On the other hand, if you have enough space and want to get more features, drawers, and compartments you may take a look at the Sub-zero French door refrigerator.


If you are still confused about selecting the right appliance for you then you may consider going to each refrigerator’s features and functionality directly on Amazon. And definitely you can take the final decision.

We have included all the information about the Difference between KitchenAid and sub-zero refrigerators. Please if you find any speech that you don’t like for any reason then kindly accept my apologies.

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