Diy Central Vacuum System | Simple 3 Steps

Maintaining cleanliness in homes and apartments is important to all. Having visitors come over to your house and seeing it dirty is something most of us all want to avoid. Dust from air outside coming in to the house, dirt picked up by our shoes and debris of food like biscuits are common things that will make one house or apartment dirty in a long run. Traditional vacuum are normally what we use in trying to get rid of such things and maintain cleanliness in our homes and house.

Diy Central Vacuum System

Yet doing such a cleaning is tiring and very stressful, a normal vacuuming may take hours if not days to finish due to the constant stoppage to get dust out of the vacuum or having to carry it around everywhere you moved. This kind of problems in cleaning a house drives great about of individuals to switch to the use of a central vacuum system.

A central vacuum is the using of a much bigger vacuum installed in your house, in a fixed place where a vacuum hose is connected to an outlet of the vacuum and dirt, dust and debris are sucked out to a collectable container. Efficiency in cleaning is what you did get In the use of central vacuum system as the changing of dirt and dust are not done every few minutes in the process of cleaning but done a very few months and gives you access all over the house without having to drag the vacuum with you. Setting up a central vacuum for your home is something most individuals of today put a thought to. Here are a few ways on to install a central vacuum system and diy central vacuum.

Use of Central Vacuum System

1. Buying of tools and Equipment: First thing to do in building yourself a perfect central vacuum system is getting a central vacuum kit. This will mean, going to shop for all the required equipment along with tools in the making of the system.

 Equipment such as your power unit, powerhead, hose and outlets are all important and will need to have a research done on all before going to purchase. Purchase should be done according to one’s type of home and the taste in preference as there are different varieties and models of equipment to choose from.

2. Design: A building of any centralized system will always need a good design before being executed. A design such as where you did be placing your outlets in the house and what kind of power head you did be buying are all questions to ask. A detailed design of central vacuum outlets should be highlighted and no matter the number of inlets you plan on having, make sure it is within the reach of a power source and gives you enough room in being able to vacuum all corners. Your design should also include the layout of how you did be fixing the pipe lines for the passage of the dirt and dust through your walling’s.

3. Installation: Once equipment, tools and design are in place, you are ready to go on with installing your central vacuum. Now this is the most challenging part and patience should be encouraged here as the process of installation might not be a simple one day job, but will take days of dedication and a central vacuum installation kit is highly recommended at this stage. Power unit for your central vacuum should be installed well, and due to most power units being a bit long and wide, you did have to find a place that will perfectly fix the model you plan on installing or the one you bought. Make sure the placing of your power unit is close to an electrical spot and the area should have plenty amount of room to let air circulate for adequate water cooling. All pipework should be joined together mostly by the use of something such as a solvent weld glue.


Once your installation is done, you test your central vacuum system and make sure it is working to your expectation. Doing it yourself, may take time however save you some money, but do seek help from professionals once you notice your incapability in doing it. Questions like where to buy central vacuum piping, where can one buy the best central vacuum powerhead among others will your guide in building a remarkable and effective central vacuum.

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