How to Cover Mirror in Bedroom

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are met with a reflection of yourself. You can see your reflection when brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and even when getting dressed. While it is important to have mirrors in bedrooms for practical purposes, they can become an eyesore after some time due to their size or location. If you run out of ideas on how to cover mirror in bedroom, then here are a few tips that might help you out.

How to Cover Mirror in Bedroom

Materials You Needs:

  • Mirror
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Glue/Screws/Rope etc.

Why do many people cover mirrors in the bedroom?

Most people say that a mirror in the bedroom will bring bad luck. The reflection from a mirror indicates the presence of another person, so pregnant women need to be careful when they are sleeping near a mirror. Supposedly if the pregnancy is not well, it could affect their baby’s health. It is also possible that the spirit from the mirror is being sucked into the pregnant woman’s body. The consequence is still the same. The baby will be born sick.

If you don’t believe in this superstition, you can also buy special stickers for mirrors or try some easy tricks to cover the mirror in your bedroom.

8 Ways on How to Cover Mirror in Bedroom

Option 1: Mirrors with Frames

Mirrors that are already framed, such as those that hang on the wall or sit on a dresser, can be covered by taking off the frame. Use spray paint that matches the color of your wall or dresser to paint over the mirror’s surface. After it dries up, put the frame back on top of it.

Mirrors With Frames in Bedroom

Option 2: Mirrors with Stickers

If you purchased a large mirror with no frame, you could make your frame with some 3M removable adhesive strips. Prepare your mirror surface area measurements, cut out four equal parts from the strips, and apply them to each corner of the mirror’s frame. The frame will hide most of the mirror surface except around its edges.

Use Construction Paper Sticker

Option 3: Mirrors with Construction Paper

If you do not want to cover the mirror completely, you can use construction paper and a glue stick to make an abstract design over it. Trim off the edges of the paper into whatever shape or size might look best for your space. Next, put a thin layer of glue over the surface of the mirror, press the construction paper on top of it, and let it dry.

Option 4: Mirrors with Fabric

Fabrics, such as a favorite scarf or table cloth, can be used to cover a small mirror or one that you do not want to paint over. Use a staple gun and staples to attach the fabric to the back of the mirror. Try using several layers of fabrics for a more noticeable color change.

Table Cloth With Mirror Fabric pattern

Option 5: Mirrors with Contact Paper

There are varieties of contact paper available in stores, so be selective about what you purchase. Finding one that matches or complements the color of your wall can help make your room look cleaner and neater. Then, cut the contact paper to fit the size of the mirror’s surface, peel off the backing, and attach it.

Option 6: Mirrors with Paper Towels

This option is ideal for covering mirrors that you need to use because they can be easily removed. Whether your mirror hangs on the wall or sits on a dresser, apply double-sided tape around the frame’s edges. Next, cut off small portions of paper towels and apply them to the tape. This way, you can peel away the paper towel when you need to use the mirror.

Option 7: Mirrors with Newspaper

Like paper towels, a newspaper is another great option for covering mirrors that are occasionally needed. To make sure your newspaper stays in one place, attach it to the back of the mirror using double-sided tape.

Option 8: Mirrors with Plastic

For a complete look, cover the entire mirror surface with plastic. To do this, attach clear contact paper to the front and back of the frame. This is an effective way to not only hide the mirror’s surface but also protect it from getting dusty or dirty.

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Tips and Suggestions:

  • If you want to create a frame from scratch, or if your mirror already has one broken or damaged, buy some wood and use a staple gun to attach the pieces.
  • Consider also buying mirrors with frames. Although they can be pricier than their no-frame counterparts, hanging them on the wall will make them look like part of the décor.
  • If you do not like the idea of covering the mirror but find it obstructive and distracting, invest in a folding or sliding door to protect it—make sure to install this yourself if you want to avoid further expenses.
  • To prevent accidents from breaking your mirror, reinforce its support and structure with extra nails and screws. Also, make sure it is tightly attached to the wall or dresser top before putting anything on it.
  • Do not be tempted to remove the mirror altogether because this will create an empty space in your room that cannot be easily filled unless you purchase a new mirror.
  • If you are only using the mirror for personal grooming purposes, attach a small clear mirror to the inside of your cabinet door and cover it with a decorative cloth.
  • When selecting a color or pattern for covering your mirror, consider the colors in your room to ensure that they match and complement each other.
  • If you are painting the mirror, be sure to use a strong adhesive that is capable of covering the entire surface.


When it comes to decorating your bedroom, there are many ways on how to cover mirror in bedroom. One way is by adding a mirror above your bed that you can use as something of an art installation. This will allow you to transform any wall into a focal point and provide balance in the room for other furniture placement. There are several benefits to having this type of decoration in your bedroom, including privacy and added light during nighttime hours when most people sleep with their eyes closed anyway!

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